2021/04/12th – Pictures say a thousand words

Pictures say a thousand words   Since most people are too busy or whatever to read long articles or watch hours of videos of talking heads, below are some pics which say a thousand words   You must see Item 5    NO COVID

1 – R.I.P. Prince Philip.  but, is there a subtle message in the reports

ONLY 30 people allowed at his funeral?  Since they are the royal family, (and king of the castle), then surely they could change any of the rules to whatever they want? Is this a smoke screen to convince the rest of the world that we have this dangerous pandemic, in which case, are we being told that the royal family are in on the deal to vaccinate all peoples, to cull the world’s population or whatever?  Can you smell a rat? 

ALL royal events in the past, though there has always been various types of diseases lurking about, what are we to make of this current claimed limitation of mourners? Could this also be an opportunity to bring home and chastise a run-away grandson?  and have you noticed – TV shows only old footage of the Queen ? nothing showing the frail 94 year old as she would be today.

2 – Always read the fine print

A man flying Brisbane to Sydney was confronted at the airport for not having a mask –  He was handed this –  Click to open    Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) statement on wearing masks on domestic flights _ Australian Government    Instead of just accepting it (as most sheeple do) he read the fine print – ie – It states – Mask wearing should be mandatory – Enough said eh     He got on the plane ok.

3 – A collection of pics which say a thousand words

4 – Former Pfizer VP says : ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’


5 – NO Covid – Lab Analysis at 7 Universities   Banned from Youtube

Clinical lab PhD: We have tested 1,500 supposed “covid-19 positive” samples and found none.  Only influenza A or B.
Note: The man you see here is probably not the PhD scientist, but simply someone reading the article in NaturalNews.com I don’t have the original link to that article but you may be able to find it by searching NaturalNews.com using relevant keywords.
I downloaded this this afternoon and within an hour it was GONE!
Medical doctors have NEVER found a cure for the common cold but, they did turn it into a false pandemic and the whole world cringes in fear.


6 – CDC comes clean – well sorta


7 – Ontario Health Department – lovely people

Canadians Dragged From Their Homes and Vaccinated – Hospitals Empty 

CoronaVirus Can Be Prevented -


8 – Parliament of Australia – Christine Holgate – Truth is being revealed,

and the Media always Mis-reports,   In case you’re interested see

Direct link  https://www.aph.gov.au/News_and_Events/LiveMediaPlayer?vID={3702E294-9DE9-4B7B-A8C2-E419CA25F32B} 

Website   https://www.aph.gov.au/news_and_events/watch_parliament 

9 – Dispelling Misinformation About SARS-CoV-2 and the Vaccines.

Rumble — In this roughly 55-minute discussion we will look at 10-different topics surrounding the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease resulting from the Inflammo Thrombotic Response (ITR) known as COVID-19. We will also take a look at the actual data from the Emergency Use Authorization documents filed with the FDA. Documents that prove there is no statistically significant benefit to receiving these drug vaccines.


10 – Secret Contents of Ever Given, Evergreen Container Ship 

10 – Feedback 

Yesterday for the 1st time in 4 months I was able to get off the property and went to Bundaberg to do much needed shopping. I didn’t touch a mask and I was pleasantly surprised no one confronted me, even in places like Bunnings who are usually pretty sensitive about “towing the line” and are so disgustingly liberal in terms of morals and so on. I did give 2 forms out to two young girls who seemed to be switched on which was encouraging. I told them to photocopy and spread your sheets out and told them they might not have to promote their charitable cause for heart failure prevention so much if they could de-stress everyone by telling them the truth.    God Bless   Hugh


Compulsory Australian Vaxx soon ?    Hi all, my closest mate had an appointment with his family doctor of many years, a couple of days ago and was told that the Covid Vaccination will soon be mandatory in Australia. My mate questioned this claim made by his doctor and informed him of protections we have built into our constitution and his doctor replied: You don’t understand we have been informed by the government that the vaccine will be mandatory in Australia and that the necessary framework is already in place… This might explain while i am noticing that many doctors are claiming to have been vaccinated recently (past week or so) unless they are lying to further the governments agenda.  Joel 


Why so many new service stations being built in the cities   I am sure i am not the only one who has noticed the new service stations being built in the cities, at a spacing of 5km between each in many areas??? I am also sure that i am not the only one who realises that at best, petrol will be around for another ten years max (i believe its more like 5 years). So why so many new stations and why so close together?  In my opinion these will all be converted to electric re-charge stations when they flick the carbon switch off…

If you look at the design of many new stations they have many lanes and each lane in some cases can service 4 cars for the lane. This suggests they can park many cars at each site.  At present i believe that high speed re-charge stations can re-charge an electric car from empty to full in approx 15 mins… Which also explains why most if not all new stations are a supermarket, restaurant(s) and cafes all rolled into one. The perfect set up to grab a bite to eat and a coffee while the electric car re-charges.

Plus the addition of a supermarket (and licence) means that each service station will be deemed an essential service, reducing the risk of having to shutdown as each new wave of emergency causes the government to save us from the the very emergency they created… just an observation, Jason



14 – Someday,  the World will  Wake Up – Shhh   Don’t tell anyone,

that the cat IS, outa the bag that the jews are Lucifer’s DNA kids!  They will be outraged about that TRUTH also!  Christ said that 2,000 years ago in John 8:44 & 8:47.  Either people NEVER Read nor Understand the Scriptures or they don’t Believe Christ & are calling Him a Liar!


The Seven Noahide Laws explained

63 – Noahide Laws


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