Action, Part 2: We Can Negotiate a Peace Treaty with “Them”

Versailles.  Photo: the

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

I am grateful for the pandemic. I am especially grateful for the Great Reset of the economy, and for the universal vaccination. I am grateful for the censorship of social media by two or three billionaires. I am grateful for the amazing decline in the intellectual quality of such magazines as The New Yorker and The Atlantic. I’m glad it all happened in my lifetime so I could watch and chronicle it. It has been a fantastic show.

Now it must stop.

The persons behind all this ought to be captured. Their forebears had some creative ideas that combined “mystery” with selfishness and control.  It seemed a winning formula. Most ordinary folk could go about their way of life unaware of anything unusual going on, while a few at the royal court, or the men’s club, could jabber away about the next secret move.

World conquest had to be accomplished. This could be palmed off as a drive for trade roues, or a White-Man’s-Burden type responsibility to get all humans up to speed with hygiene or up to a level of virtuous living with Christianity. After faraway lands were colonized, closer domains had to be domesticated.

Major Changes Get in the Way

Once the general plan was rolling, it had to keep rolling because that’s how it is with such things. But two unforeseen — or still-unappreciated — changes occurred.

First, the human race grew in numbers. In 1800 the world had only 1 billion souls; now it has around eight times that many. Second, “physics” came into its own. In 1680 an apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head and he worked out the physics of gravity. But now “Apple” means high tech, even available to me and thee.

Horse and buggy transport, gone.  Privacy of lodge meetings, gone. Like Gonesville, man. No more being able to use lying and “Official Secrets Acts” to keep the peasants in the dark. The populace got restless. What a pain!

In the Twenty-first Century, it’s no longer easy, and perhaps not possible, to control the human race. But today’s controllers, or controller wannabees, aren’t able to admit this.  It would be tantamount to admitting defeat.  Admitting defeat is an absolute no-no. So the band plays on.

What To Do

I say we need to focus on the worries of the cabal. It does not pay to keep piling up stories of how we are getting hurt. What good can that do? We should emphasize the ridiculousness of the whole human situation. Billions of people are wearing face masks because some small number of people lost their several-century control of the world.

They now have to go through every contortion you can think of to scare us into submission.  And even if they got our submission (and granted, they may have up to 50% of us in their snare today), how would that serve them?

They would have to keep on dumbing down what’s left, to the point where their own children would have no one to talk to with an IQ over 75., or a sparkling personality. I wonder if any of them have thought about that?

Probably, like us, they don’t think about anything that is troublesome.  They run away. They take it on faith that things will work out for them. We do that, too, and look how stupid it is of us to do it.

Presently, we are smarter than they – albeit not having such gargantuan access to weapons and algorithms.  And don’t worry about the 50% of us who are under their sway.  It does not help us one little bit to concentrate on that problem. The Masked Ones are not leaders, so they wouldn’t be contributing to the solution anyway.

Peace Treaty

Shouldn’t we be trying to negotiate a peace treaty with the controllers? We have won, I think.  Not that we did anything brilliant – we definitely did not.  But we, unlike them, have not painted ourselves hopelessly into a corner.

At a negotiating table, each side knows what it wants. At least it’s sure of its bare minimum – i.e., “non-negotiable” points. I can say with confidence that their bare minimum demand is for their bodily survival. Being members of the animal kingdom, we all have a survival instinct.

As I have been saying for a long time, the controllers’ survival instinct is so much in command that they have “had to” do all manner of horrible things to the rest of us. See? Make the calculation. Their survival is top priority, and if that requires that they geo-engineer the planet to their own detriment, well, fine.

If it means torturing us, that’s OK.  But wait, didn’t Orwell say that the human future is about stamping on the human face and that “the point of torture is torture.”  Gotcha, Controllers! Your man Orwell sort of let it slip that youse are stuck forever torturing us.

But he did not go deeper into the real revelation. I hear the torturer in Room 101 (“O’Brien”) saying “We gotta do this and it’s OK and eventually you will even agree with us.” But that’s nonsense.

The real fact is that the torturers on the lower level – the O’Brienses – are, of course, carrying out their day’s work (buzzing up the electric shocks on Winston, or producing sexual humiliation at Abu Ghraib, or whatever). They have been told to believe that silly line about “the point of torture is torture.”

The real point is to sustain the more or less unsustainable position of the controllers. But O’Brien is at least correct that the controllers have to have a “line” to justify what they are doing. In my opinion, the controllers, going way back in history, have made up a myth – as we all do – to cover what they would be doing anyway.

The Silly Occult

I am referring to Satanism or any similar story that “they” use to explain, among themselves, and to teach, among themselves, the general pitch that “evil is lovely.” Naturally such a claim would require an ontology. The human brain is ever at the ready to confabulate a nice ontology — an explanation of the world, the “is.”

(Ah, the ever free-of-charge online Merriam Webster Dictionary says “Ontology” is: 1. the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.  2. a set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them.)

Satanism naturally has a full panoply – lights, costumes, props, action. It has numerology, occult knowledge, and some sort of force that can be counted on.  It has a calendar, a doctrine, a liturgy, sacraments, and, really, a morality.  It must explain, of course the special entitlements of the elite, i.e., “them.”

Today I saw a headline on the Internet “BIDEN SAYS VACCINE READY FOR ALL ON APRIL 19.”

April 19, a Day To Kill Children

Any controller reading that would have to be in stitches. The date April 19th is a biggie in hell.  Let me quote

“Fire sacrifice is required on April 19. April 19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire – the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan/Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding fire sacrifice with an emphasis on children.”

April 19 was the day chosen for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1996. I presume the Murray Federal Building was chosen as it had an employees’ daycare center. Fifteen kids in that daycare center died.

April 19 had already been the day, in 1994, of the Waco, Texas conflagration. A man named David Koresh was the target. He and many religious followers lived in the “Davidian compound.” Twenty-five children died as the FBI and various other federal agents attacked on April 19, at the end of a 51-day siege. (They were trying to nab him for illegal ownership of firearms?)

April 19, in 2013, was the day of the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in FBI custody some time after 1am that day.

The Port Arthur massacre of April 28, 1996 perhaps fits the same scheme insofar as the Ba’al feast, or whatever you call it, runs for 13 days. Two little girls were killed at Port Arthur, Tasmania, by gunshot.

For God’s Sake

As I was saying, the members of the cult are supposed to believe that they are doing something good – they are offering a “sacrifice” of children to some sort of deity, or maybe to the enlightened concept of “Evil.”

The OKC bombing, Photo: Wikipedia

Let’s get something on the table for negotiations.


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