2020/04/07th – The cards are on the table

Enclosed are all the relevant cards and docs I have.  None of these will serve any purpose sitting in your computer.

These are all PDFs   so click each one to print and distribute in every way you can, physically and electronically, so don’t just forward and expect others to go letterboxing, putting under windscreen wipers handing to mask wearers and shopkeepers etc.   You could also give them full page copies so they can make their own “badges” – or you could make badges and hand them out too.  When people see the one you are wearing, they will want one too.  Few will read pages of legalese or watch talking heads videos for hours about irrelevant subjects  

These PDFs are useless just sitting in your computer. Printers are cheap and most people have one – no need to run to a print shop.

Privacy Act section 94H

Business owners know your rights    2 pages, print double sided

Exempt card Black + White

Exempt card double side


Face Masks Medical Exemptions in all States

Qld Health says – no mask needed – people dying from Vaxx

Chief poobah Qld Health

What’s in the Masks and Test Swabs, especially Chemist Shop blue masks ?

Here are short videos to remind you that this is not a game.

1 – Why do people wear Masks ?  

2 – COVID-19 ‘VACCINE’. Life expectancy is maybe only a few years


3 – Nobody’s Talking About This – They Can’t Hide It Anymore

4 – It’s not enough to say NEVER AGAIN 

5 – Yugoslavian Woman Issues Warnings – powerful 

6 – Heaps dying days after Vaxx

copy to your URL  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mNDdjXquWB1MAh2-SjqobADDEpdt1wB_/view

7 – Sidney Powell – According to Law, Trump is still President

8 – The genius of Trump behind the scenes now

9 – General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People About Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America!

10 – A controversial subject

If you disagree – you can hit your delete key or make your own video  OK  

01c – Jesus or Yeshua ?


Clinical lab PhD: We have tested 1,500 supposed "covid-19 positive" samples and found none! Only influenza A or B. Medical doctors NEVER found a cure for the common cold BUT they did turn it into a false pandemic....

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