Christian Porter Is Guilty

Christian Porter, Photo: (C) Philip Ruddock, Photo: (R) George Brandis, Photo Christian Porter, Photo:  (C) Philip Ruddock, Photo: (R) George Brandis, Photo

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

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This article is not about an alleged rape in 1988. If that happened and if it caused a death, that is certainly tragic for that person, and anyone close to her. But I am here to discuss a huge tragedy, one that affects all Australians, including the “perpetrators.”

I consider the role of federal attorney general, as occupied by Philp Ruddock (from 2003 to 2007) and George Brandis (from 2013) to 2017) to be one of servanthood to bad people outside of this antipodean continent. Since Christian Porter obtained the portfolio, it is my guess that he (and likely all other AG’s in Oz) misbehave in a similar way. If I’m wrong, well that’s great.

So, the “guilt” that I imply in the title of this article is the guilt associated with performing the function of the Attorney General.

What? Doesn’t the AG do good things? Things necessary for the benefit of the Commonwealth?  Hmm.  I can tell you of other parliamentary portfolios where a deeper look into the actual practices leads to the conclusion that things are being done for a group other than “the people.”

Typically, they are done for: corporations, foreign nations or globalists, the politician who holds the portfolio, his boss, or his party. I will save that discussion for another day. I want to demonstrate, by way of what AG Porter said at his press conference on March 3, 2021, that Parliament is now so twisted that anyone can see right through his ruse.

The Goss

I’ll briefly recount what Porter’s problem in case you have not heard. As of today (it may change), a woman named Katherine in Adelaide was said to have been raped, in 1988, by a current member of Cabinet. Porter has now identified himself as the “wanted man.” He was 17, she was 16, and it took place in Sydney where they both took part in a national debating competition.

Katherine died in June 2020 at age 49. The rumor on social media is that her death came after she handed in to police a report about the incident that took place 33 years ago.  I haven’t heard anyone say that such timing makes it look like she got bumped off (as a whistleblower, so to speak). Rather it is said she was suicidal thanks to depression.

The main incriminating item is the Wikipedia item on Christian Porter that has recently, twice, changed its mention of his having been a debater in 1988. I hasten to say that if he is being set up, for whatever reason, anyone could fiddle with Wikipedia to create that sort of impression of guilt.

After watching Porter’ amazing press conference, I can only think he is guilty (of the rape, irrespective of my proposed other matter), for three reasons:

First, he cried (why would someone cry over a false accusation – wouldn’t they be aggressively indignant instead?). Second, he said that the police of NSW cannot deal with it because the girl is dead (Imagine, he is the Attorney General!). Third, he said that an inquiry would hurt the rule of law – as though his case would set a precedent that would make all parliamentarians a possible target for unsupported accusations.

When I heard those second and third remarks, it brought back so many recollections of similar talk by politicians that is so insulting to our intelligence. I once learned in a neuroscience class that if anyone offers any explanation for something, it closes the brain down so that we don’t search for more. Consider the absurdity of the media saying, after the Port Arthur massacre, that Martin Bryant did it because many years ago Sally and David Martin had refused to sell his dad a piece of land.

Just fathom it!  Yet the story was oft repeated as if it had merit.

The Guilt

Daryl Williams was AG from 1996 to 2003. Although he did not have any formal role in the Port Arthur false flag, which fell under the jurisdiction of the state of Tasmania, God presumably gave him two eyes with which to see what was happening. Currently he is 78 years old.

Philip Ruddock was Attorney General from 2003 to 2007. At age 77, he is currently the mayor in Hornsby, NSW. He was in Parliament for 43 years (didn’t he get sick of Canberra?). I am guessing that he is one of the powers behind the throne At one point he was Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. Later he was a “special envoy for human rights.”

Ruddock invented a special policy for asylum seekers — the Pacific Solution, involving Nauru. He ran the Woomera Detention Center. It is my guess that he was tortured as a child. Yet he has never come out against the crimes of the Child Protective Services. In 2007 he oversaw the amazing false prosecution of Dr Muhamed Haneef.

George Brandis, currently age 64, was AG from 2013 to 2017, hence during the Lindt Cafe saga and its coronial inquest.  I can only feel that getting to the bottom of that “terrorist incident” was the last thing on his mind.

In 2014, as noted by Dee McLachlan at GumshoeNews, Brandis drove some ani-terrorist legislation through Parliament on the grounds that there had been an attack on an ADF sailor in uniform “by Middle Eastern-looking men,” but it was later ADMITTED. that no such attack had occurred.

In 2014 Australia agreed to be part of a four-nation inquiry into the crash of Malaysian Airline flight 17, and to keep the results secret. Huh? Where was the legal advisor for Australia, George Brandis? Who does he think he is?

Brandis’ current job is High Commissioner to the UK. Oh, and while there he can drop in on Belmarsh and demand the release of a certain well-known Australian citizen.

Christian Porter, age 49, has been AG since December 2017.  I predict he will not last out the month. Shane Dowling of held him to the fire in an article on March 2, 2021 which got 110 seething comments. Here are three of them:

Ross Cameron  — Porter: ‘It did not happen’. Known in the trade as the Robodebt Defence. Well, it didn`t work for victims when Porter and Tudge sooled the dogs onto welfare recipients, so I guess it shouldn`t work now. But, then, we have come to accept that there are two sets of rules.

Tez  — “Reporter: Are you saying that the specific allegations, they were very specific allegations, that have been made quite obviously, are you saying that there is no truth in it at all? The very detail…

Mr Porter: It is exactly what I am saying. All I have by way of the allegations is what I have literally read, the same things that you would have read. They just didn’t happen.”

Both Porter and Morrison admit to not having read the 31-page dossier submitted by the complainant. They are denying the contents of the dossier they haven’t read!! Too clever by half I think.

Not a Rapist  — Make no mistake, we are one step closer to tyranny. Know this too; Google is being evil by being in cahoots with our evil government and all of its rapists/crooks/liars/inside-traders/cayman-island tax dodgers/shirkers/censors/paper-shredders/abusers/cheats/cronies/sportsrorters/porkbarrellers/misogynists/environmental vandals/supercilious twats/thieves…and that’s just the cabinet.

Let us not forget that the AFP’s arrest of Dr Russell Pridgeon took place on Porter’s watch. Pridgeon is a good doctor who was trying to rescue children from abusers.  I am certain that the move made against him is being done as a way of protecting pedophiles. The AG has responsibility for that sort of thing.

What Does an AG Do?

Since my return to the US after about 38 happy years Down Under, I have become aware of the fact that government is not what it is generally thought to be. I am pretty sure it’s just a front.  The persons who make big decisions are behind the scenes. They do not even want to take credit for their hard work.

I have also noted that the Attorney General position in the United States is very odd. Consider, right off the bat, the fact that in December 2020, when everyone was talking about election fraud, the US Attorney General, Bill Barr, stated that there had been no fraud.

I am not saying he should have said that there was fraud. He should have said “People are wondering so we must get right down to soring this out.” His Department, the infamous DoJ, has within it the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

But then, that itself is problematical. I am fond of pointing out that every FBI arrest is a citizen’s arrest as those investigators have no police power. (It belongs to the states).

Australian Law

But this article is about Australia. We have an Australian Federal Police, presumably constitutionally brought into being by Parliament. Here is Wikipedia on the job description of the AG:

“The Attorney-General of Australia is the First Law Officer of the Crown … and a minister of state. The Attorney-General is usually a member of the Federal Cabinet, but need not be. Under the Constitution, they are appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Prime Minister, and serve at the Governor-General’s pleasure…. By convention, but not constitutional requirement, the Attorney-General is a lawyer by training.”

As s true of America, the situation is very confusing. The man in the job should give legal advice to government yet he is also the chief law enforcement officer. And that’s without even bringing in the presence of the monarch in the Australian Constitution.

What if Her Maj wants to give different legal advice than the AG? We routinely – glibly — say she does not have the power, but she does.

So let me say, as an aside, the Queen must go. To have a foreigner as our leader is plainly ridiculous. Actually, the whole thing is opaque. On that ground alone, Aussies should put a stop to it. How can law be discussed if we don’t really know who has the power to make it?  (All bills must get the Royal Assent.)

Worse, it now seems to me that Australian democracy is cancelled by the fact that each senator and representative is not answerable to the people but to the queen. The oath of office of all parliamentarians – and worse, every judge — is to protect and serve not the nation but the Crown.

For New South Wales the oath is:

“I, ____,  do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen as a police officer without favour or affection, malice or ill-will until I am legally discharged, that I will cause Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and preserved, and that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against that peace….”

And we won’t even venture here to go into the controversy over the meaning of the word “Crown.” Look at the badge worn by police in ‘Queens’land. It has an image of the crown on top and again in the center of the badge. Is that clear enough?

As I have mentioned before at Gumshoe, I was astonished to see, in the courthouse at Darlinghurst, NSW, a large sculpture on the wall over the judge’s head. It is draped with the motto of the Order of the Garter; “Honi soit qui mal y pense.” (Woe to him who says we are evil.)

Back to Christian Porter

I do not especially care if an attorney general committed a sex crime (if rape of a 16-year-old by a 17-year-old is a crime). I say it’s the same as any person committing a sex crime.  It’s silly to say that the AG job calls for more virtue, or less sin, than applies to all citizens.

What the AG job calls for is faithfulness to law enforcement, and legal correctness.  It calls for him not to put up with the false flag murders of Port Arthur or the Lindt Cafe siege.  It calls for him to see that teen boys are not kept in chains in Dondale Detention Center, and that Muslims are not persecuted by having their homes raided at 3am.

The Attorney General’s work takes place in Parliament House (and Porter also happens to be the leader of the house). During his time of “pandemic,” the AG should be commenting on the lawfulness of every one of the crazy measures imposed for lockdown and vaccination.

Mr Porter has announced that he will take two weeks’ leave to get some needed psychological support.  What a joke.  He should stay on the job and arrest himself. He should charge himself with coverup. (Surely he has been aware of the whole thing since the woman’s death in June 2020.)

Coverup is a crime under Commonwealth law in the category of “perversion of the course of justice.”

No, Wait!

Wait, I have a better idea. Christian Porter should say on the job and prove his worth by arresting all the living AG’s and hold them responsible for the “sins” mentioned above.


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