The Lone Star State Finds Real Value of Sheriffhood

President George Washington, formerly General Washington, gave the opening prayer at the meeting of CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, on February 26, 2021 in Houston

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Sheriff Mack is everything he is cracked up to be, and more. When he was a sheriff in Arizona, he didn’t like what was going on, re the feds’ overreach. He figured that the oath he had taken to defend the US Constitution was serious business and that if any official asked him to do something unconstitutional, well, the oath had precedence over that.

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The meeting I attended today in Houston was about as mask-less as you can get. This is because when the state governor of Texas ordered everyone to wear a mask the sheriff of Montgomery County (which includes Houston) said “Ahem, ahem, cough, cough.” As in “Not in my county.  My peace officers will not enforce it.”

Look how easy it is to get the bullies to back down when you call their bluff. Here is an example of that, as told today by Brad Rogers former sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana, which has a large population of very peaceful Amish people.

The FDA (or maybe the Commerce Dept) was hassling an Amish farmer for selling raw milk, including over state lines. He was being called to a grand jury, which could lead to a criminal indictment.  Smart fellow — he knew enough to seek help from the sheriff.  The sheriff, Brad Rogers, told the feds to naff off.  They naffed off.

There was a lot of trouble in between, including a threat to arrest Rogers, but Rogers (having been inspired by Mack) simply let them know he was not going to cave. Interestingly, I think the feds would have won. The Commerce Clause of the US Constitution does give Congress a right to regulate interstate trade.

I cried my way through several of the talks, as it sounded like stuff I have been preaching for years — but I never get an “A-men” from an audience.  It was Amen city here today.  And there were laughs galore.  The best knee-slapper was about Fauci.

Sheriff Richard Mack said Fauci had come out with a new “scientific” idea about Covid. Fauci (allegedly) proclaimed that germs in the air always rise to more than 40 inches off the ground.  Therefore, to escape the chance of inhaling Covid, you should get down on the ground. Instead of walking, you need to crawl.

Would the folks obey? asked Mack. Sure, and a whole new industry would develop to provide kneepads and hand-pads. When you get out of your car at Walmart’s, you should get right down onto the ground in the parking lot, rather than breathe the air at forty inches or higher.

Gives whole new scope to the concept of “virtue signaling” doesn’t it?

Another speaker, Attorney Michael Petrouka of Maryland, taught us that the authors of the Declaration of Independence, busy complaining about edicts from King George III, such as the Stamp Act, used the phrase “pretended legislation” when referring to laws that did not pass (the colonists’) muster.

Sheriffs in the audience (less than half of the 200 people in the conference room) were delighted when Petrouka pointed out that if it’s a pretend law, then the offender can only be considered a pretend offender. By the way, even the laypersons in the room were pretty well holstered.

There was a whopping talk by Laura Pressley.  She had been an engineer for 17 years before she decided, in 2018, to run for public office in Dallas. She made it to the runoff but then lost to the other guy, who had no power base. Naturally, she felt sure she was cheated.

Dr Pressley compared her runoff to other runoffs and saw that her numbers were very weird.  She went to check on such things as the required audit log and found that all was being conducted illegally.  Since Gumshoers don’t live in Texas, I won’t weigh you down with detail, but the following is worth telling, as it is right out of Paul Mullen’s playbook.

Laura filed a lawsuit to reclaim her stolen election. Having researched the election facts to the nth degree, she handed in all the evidence. The District Court judge dismissed her case as frivolous.  But more than that, he sanctioned her $100,000.  She went to the 3rd court of appeals. That judge, too, dismissed her case and added another $45,000.

And you think you’ve got troubles.

Here’s a new phrase I picked up today: “Every official from dog catcher right down to president of the United States.”

I also picked up the phrase “we work for God, family, and country.” As I found in Alabama in 2017, Southerners speak of Jesus as if He were a next-door neighbor. Sheriff Mack is Mormon. He is being sued by atheist group at the moment.

I picked up the fact that the feds officially own 90% of the state of Nevada.

And that sheriffs do NOT want legislation that restricts asset forfeiture.  They say the big cartel uses trucks worth $300,000.

The only female sheriff who spoke was a tiny-built girl, Pam Elliot.  She mainly told dirty jokes.  Example: “I’m so nervous when I get up here on stage. My Mom told me to look at the audience and imagine everyone is naked.” Then she points to a sheriff and says “You, sir, stay after.”

One of Pam’s sayings is “public servants are just that.”

She is my hero, as she has arrested four officials for public corruption.  I asked her if she could do the needful if I name some names.  She reminded me that her jurisdiction is, alas, limited.

One other female on the official team is Dawn, the wife of Sheriff Mack. He credits her for thinking up the whole gig about the sheriff having greater power than other parts of government. I did not quite understand this at first but now I get it — if the feds or state officials order anything unconstitutional to be done, the sheriffs can veto it by not enforcing bad law or bad un-law or pretend law.

A judge, yes a judge, gave a fiery speech.  (I think his surname is also Mack). He kept saying “Freedom is not free.   Freedom is not free.”   Too right, Mate.

The final act of the conference was Sam Bushman who read us the Red Neck Bill of Rights.  It consists only of this: “Don’t hurt me and don’t take my stuff.” Sam runs a national talk-back radio show.

Sheriff Mack is a powerhouse, believe me. Insha’allah I will say more about him later.


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