Tom Brady Seemingly Accused of Foul Play in Possible Racial Slur Hoax

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The Super Bowl is a fun, innocent, traditional holiday that many Americans from all walks of life enjoy. For most, it is a break from the horrors and tragedy of modern life which allows us to finally sit down, relax, and watch a great game of football. Most Americans this year, probably hoped that they could escape the increasingly polarized political climate and tense racial conflict brewing in America for a single night, and their hopes we crushed.

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brutally crushed the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-9 Victory, many took to celebrating Tampa Bay Quarterback Tom Brady’s historic 7th Super Bowl victory of career. Meanwhile, Kansas City safety Tyrann Mathieu took to Twitter to complain that Brady had called him “something I won’t repeat” during an interaction the two had earlier.

His since deleted tweet can be seen below:

Many on twitter began speculating as to whether or not Mathieu was referring to a certain swear word or possibly even a racial slur that Brady was being accused of using. While we can only speculate on what Mathieu was hinting at, many believe that he was in fact accusing Brady of using a racial slur due to rumors of Brady being accused of racism after being an outspoken supporter of former President Donald J. Trump.

While we have no clue if this is true, we do know that the tweet wasn’t up for very long, and Mathieu silently deleted it without explanation. Many Brady fans began to hypothesize that Brady had been “mic’d up” the entire time and, when Mathieu realized this, he would be exposed for fabricating the truth.

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