Raheem Kassam with Mark Levin… They’re openly bragging about conspiring to steal the election…

Americans are going to have to participate.

It means getting TF off Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and what’s app like their freedom depends on it.

It means weaning off Google/ Amazon/ Apple and sending them to be buried next to hotmail, eBay and blackberry.

It means deleting American hating streaming entertainment—Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

It means cancelling cable to kill off the news networks and woke sports.

It means not buying red Chinese. Instead of buying cheap sh*t manufactured by slave labor in a country hell bent on destroying us, we save money for the impending economic implosion or rediscover thrifting to find a garlic press you need. Eventually retailers would adjust if 30% or more Americans just stopped buying Chinese made sh*t whenever possible.

If we can’t do this, I don’t want to even hear about how somehow we’re going to organize an armed resistance.

Everyone will lose their houses, ability to buy and sell, ability to hold a bank account, host a blog, have a cell phone or be thrown in jail by the FBI before that would even happen.

Texas and Florida, and other similar states need to starve bureaucracies, academia, arts, etc and make their states inhospitable to Marxist cess pool. An influx of residents means the cry for more government bureaucrat infrastructure which will turn them blue. Look at what happened to the rigged Hollywood of the south—Atlanta.

Gotta starve the beast that wants to destroy us.

We have to participate now.


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