Poll: Less than half of Americans think Trump should be convicted by Senate

Less than half of Americans are sold on the post-presidency impeachment of Donald Trump, a new poll finds. The poll from AP-NORC found that less than half of Americans aren’t convinced the Senate should convict former President Donald Trump — while a majority hold him partly responsible for the Jan. 6 events at the Capitol.

Poll graph:

“Fewer Americans, 47%, believe the Senate should vote to convict Trump after his impeachment trial, which begins next week. Another 40% say he should not be convicted, and 12% aren’t sure.” the poll finds.

Moreover, the graph shows level of guilt people feel Trump holds for the riot, the more likely they are to favor conviction.

A majority of Americans say Trump holds at least some level of guilt.

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that Trump bears at least a moderate amount of responsibility for the breach of the U.S. Capitol, including half who say he bears a great deal or quite a bit,” AP finds. “Just over a third say he bears little to no responsibility.”

The poll also asked Republicans about their views on the legitimacy of the election, finding the majority say it was unfair.

65% of Republicans say Biden was not legitimately elected while 33% of Republicans say he was.

“Overall, 66% of Americans say Biden was legitimately elected president, but 65% of Republicans say he was not,” the poll said.

As the Senate pursues charges against Donald Trump for inciting violence on Jan. 6, perhaps vulnerable senators should keep the unpopularity of the idea in mind.

To read the full findings of the poll, click here.

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