GOP Rep. Brian Babin Uses Democratic Standards To Kick Ilhan Omar Off Foreign Affairs Committee

Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin introduced an amendment to strip Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from her committee assignments Tuesday.

The amendment was filed to a House resolution seeking to boot Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from her own assignments as Democrats weaponize comments made prior to the election to punish members. Greene has remained under fire since her November triumph, in which she a Georgia House seat, for her allegiance to conspiracies ranging from QAnon to 9/11 and for previous inflammatory Facebook comments and likes.

“If the Democrat Majority wants to go down this road, they should start by dealing with their own members who have been at this before and AFTER their election to Congress,” Babin said, without excusing Greene, highlighting conspiratorial and inflammatory claims made by Omar.

When discussing 9/11, for example, Babin notes, Omar claimed the Council on American-Islamic Relations was launched after the terrorist attacks “because they recognized that some people did something.”

Babin’s amendment enjoys co-sponsorship from Republican Reps. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, Jody Hice of Georgia, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Ronny Jackson of Texas.


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