Notes From G5 and Current Narratives

(L) Washing DC, and (R) Myanmar (sources:,

by G5

[Editor’s note: A selection of emails from G5]

China, Russia and the US

With the Chinese Navy conducting Exercises with the USS Roosevelt (recall the Chinese bio-weapon infection through Vietnam) Carrier Group; who is The Enemy; and particularly in the China Sea region?

The postured Russia perhaps? But what interests Russia in that region, apart from reclaiming Russian islands already stolen by China.

Inaction always viewed as weakness by ignorant, arrogant totalitarians, now has China claiming Vladivostok as some rethink of past events. In 1860: Qing Haishenwai became Vladivostok Primorsky Krai, as a consequence of the Second Opium War.

Is China posturing to protect its incursions into the territorial and essential fishing areas of; Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia? Or perhaps posturing to protect its damming of water into India and the Indochina Peninsula, and the diversion of the Himalayan runoff? Both of which are genocidal triggers.

America now posturing ownership by its enemy China, is reminiscent of America acting with NAZI Germany against Russia during WWII. Which it covertly was. Interestingly by the same Usual Suspect powers that are currently attempting victory laps in The West.

The prior naval games in that region were America with; Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia New Zealand. Protecting themselves against the proven and ongoing incursions by China. Including the blocking of international sealanes. Did something change over the previous blink.

The posture that America is ally with China against The West, is an interesting theory. A little harder to sell than weather being anthropogenic, fossil fuels being evil except if imported, free speech being evil except if not free, and guns kill but people don’t. And of course women have a health right to murder their infants.

Under the derivative Maoist China: female infants were murdered as per state requirements. But then the current herds of illiterate Feminese delusional intellectualized, are disengaged from reality as per mantra and miasma.

Showing China the keys to the USN technology and capabilities, can at best only enhance China as a comparable low level naval power. As is America. The real enemy of China indeed is Russia. No amount of propaganda posturing to the herds will ever alter that. It didn’t under Napoleon, it didn’t under Hitler, it didn’t under the absurd sitcom actor Soetoro, and it won’t under the ridiculous comedy duo of Sleazy and The Moll.

Russia the enemy has been a long and variant sell from the eighteenth century. It has failed to the point of rhyming. First the lands, and now the resources of Russia, are unassailable, as per the Battle of Stalingrad and what led to that madness through invasion-proof weather and destroyed tailing logistics.

The fact that Russia now holds the energy keys to China, is dismissed by the CCP elites and their domestic power base, by the fact that the Chinese People are even beyond cannon fodder. There is indeed a media blocked civil war in China. As this writer has indicated by prior personal knowledge.

China with puppet America; as the captured first domino of The West; have diverted to Russia the enemy. But that hard sell from 2014 is meaningless. The fear by China is Russia. An enemy beyond the savagery encountered by China from Japan.

The current White House occupation forces is attempting to revisit the insane Iranian relationship of 2015; and indeed from The Company’s Op. Ajax; will destroy the Abraham Peace Accords established by Orange. Bibi has warned the Sieazy One. But a puppet and ideologically finger tweaked is he.

The moment America revisits the Iranian Affair; regardless of the forthcoming Israeli election of 23 March 2021; Southern Iran is gone. Russia owns Northern Iran, those five oil fields and the heavily fortified Caspian connections.

The 2015 Iranian Affair was a channeled corrupt sink for looted American and EU assets.

Russia will guard the division between South Iran and its North Iran interests. An attempted engagement to capture the northern fields will not be tolerated. Effectively: Iran as a whole cannot be taken. Beyond China’s Waterloo even with the absurd EU (NATO) and the American puppet.

Russia has nuclearized the Caspian Fleet. And the region is virtually further, on theatre distance from the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and Russian domestic, TU, SU, and missile attack.

Israel to be used in the first instance to strategically target what is postured as its domestic interests.

China and America attacking Russia is a strategic fiction, that one plus one equals two. The false assumption of equal accounting base. Dismissing that Russia stands higher.


The situation in Myanmar (Burma) is two undemocratic elite groups fighting each other for power control; represented by Kyi (pseudo-democracy) and Mynt (military dictatorship). Both are corrupt entities. Either way; as usual; The People lose. Their sweat and blood is transferred through the power base and delusional representation and democracy to the corrupt and criminal ruling classes.

The Current Narratives

The current American hinge narratives for the alleged subjugated hordes are; Domestic Terrorism, Political Violence, Sedition, direct threat against the elected [sic] officials and their staffs, and the integrity of the public service [sic].

America cannot reform under the current structure of deception. New America with a new constitution must be formed. Yet again: the opportunity of 2017 was bluffed away. Winning another landslide in 2022 or 2024 is meaningless. The totalitarian classes are not going to suddenly moralise and stand aside for the enemy: The People.

The current flood of aliens under the derivative of; Release, Protect, and Reward; will impact. The initial logic was as an aspect facilitating projected electoral fraud. Recall it was Soetoro who began building the Southern Wall and who authorized the caging of children. The aliens to soon outweigh their value as sole voting puppets, and non-tax paying slave labour.

Tens of millions are being unemployed by each stroke of the occupier’s pen. At least when capable of navigating that instrument. Taxes are to rise. At least against the demonized, unconnected middle classes. The ruling classes and their illusions must be substantially maintained.

Washington DC, as with the Vatican and the City of London, are being ostracised from the real world. At least a quarter millennia tragedy that should never have occurred. The red shields are under other names, and three prominents have had their tickets canceled.

Recall past but recent eras with bankers leaping from windows, and a linked, but also not understood era of microbiologists attempting the same feat.

Incidentally, the Intel ops. who vacuumed Pelosi’s office on 6 January 2021 have committed suicide. Now who would have guessed. The information is well guarded by the IIC to be appropriately used in due course, at the appropriate juncture, and in the fullness of time.

And as Newton advised: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I understand those tolls have already been collected. There are a number of versions from Biblical to contemporary, concerning; No Place to Hide.

There are very predictable divisions in the house. Totalitarianism is a loose aggregation of warring tribes. Never an issue of the finer points of ideology, or what is allegedly best for The People. Fear not that the latter ever reaches the conscious reaction state of the self-interested. Never more than the disposable commodity.

Champagne Bernie is under heavy Secret Service protection (code Intrepid). Actually a greater force than Sleazy himself.

I recall that Donald McLean’s code when spooking on the Pentagon for SIS Stewart Menzies, was Intrepid. There: I just showed my age. Interestingly The Cambridge Ring was run for Menzies by family rogue, and old friend, Victor Rothschild.


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