Newsmax Host Walks-Off Set During Segment With Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell (MyPillow guy) was being interviewed by Newsmax about Big Tech targeting and the suspension of his Twitter account. As soon as Lindell remarked about why he was targeted, Newsmax host Bob Sellers interrupts to deliver a legal message from the broadcaster.

After Lindell refuses to be blocked by the transparent efforts of Sellers, the host asks the producers for help and promptly walks-off the set.

[embedded content]

Mike Lindell, an openly Christian seeker of truth, is being targeted by just about every leftist organization in the U.S for his public inquiries about the 2020 election result.

Now would be a great time to buy some pillows, blankets, sheets, towels and/or dog beds to give as valentines day gifts. Mike Lindell needs our full support.


Is Scott Morrison the purported prime minister of Australia a convicted pedophile?

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