Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Confronts Big Tech

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced today his administration will start confronting the manipulation of Big Tech and their control over speech.  In addition to outlining the bias now brutally obvious, DeSantis outlined measures including a ban on the censorship of political candidates, and mandatory opt-outs of content filters for citizens of the Sunshine State.

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“What began as a group of upstart companies from the west coast has since transformed into an industry of monopoly communications platforms that monitor, influence, and control the flow of information in our country and among our citizens, and they do this to an extent hitherto unimaginable.”

DeSantis also outlines the sales of consumer data by Big Tech providers and the absence of any control over privacy.  This is a great presentation and press conference.

The likely 2024 leading candidate field still looks like this….

DeSantis – closest to MAGA

Noem – MAGAlite with a twist of Koch

Haley – Entrenched Establishment DeceptiCon (RNC favorite)

Cruz – Manipulative and controlled opposition


Is Scott Morrison the purported prime minister of Australia a convicted pedophile?

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