Declassification and The DeceptiCon Agenda

A Question presented:

Why do you think Trump didn’t do much in the last three months including declassifying stuff?

The answer is simple, yet politically complex.  President Trump’s cabinet, specifically those cabinet members feeling a greater responsibility to protect their institutions, would not comply with any executive office requests to declassify material.

This is the dynamic of being an outsider inside a corrupt political machine.  The office of the president needs loyalty to the agenda from cabinet members and top operational support.  If a compromised person(s) is/are put into high-level position to block or control the outcomes, they will impede any sunlight that will hurt their objective.

Look behind the man.  Look behind the office of the presidency.  Look at who was making the recommendations to POTUS Trump for cabinet level hires in his administration.  Look there and we discover the people aligned with the DeceptiCon agenda.


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