The Suppression of Guilt, Part 2: Those Conspiring against Us Feel No Guilt

President Ronald Reagan, flanked by Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  Image: Bettman/CORBIS

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Some harm-doers can live guilt-free, as we saw in Part 1. They switch off their own guilt, but they expect others to provide an atmosphere in which they can enjoy the benefits of social life. The types mentioned in Part 1 (such as persons with Narcissistic Personality Disorder) do not occupy a substantial percentage of the population.

But what if a huge number of people simply pulled out of the moral game? Or what if a small number pulled out but they were key figures in society whose actions affected nearly everyone? I think there would be havoc. In fact, we seem to be on the brink of such havoc now.

The Conspirators

I am a conspiracy theorist. Having researched the literature for 15 years I must accept the notion, however unpalatable, that a relatively small number of human beings have been secretly “in charge” for at least 250 years.

As of 1770, there was Rothschild with his five banker sons spread around Europe — and five daughters, some of whom marred into royal dynasties. The ability to lend money to governments for war (sometimes to both sides) may have provided the major advantage to the Rothschilds.

Note: It’s possible that a conspiracy to run the world began in the Elizabethan age and sharpened its skills through the East India Company.  There is also a theory that conspirators of the Roman Empire lived on, via the Roman Church, and that Christianity was its way of herding the sheep, so to speak. But I don’t have the evidence for it.

There is strong evidence that conspirators “did” the French Revolution of 1789, and later did the Russian Revolution of 1917. There can be no doubt that the events known as Nine-Eleven were products of a conspiracy involving White House personnel. Investigators David Ray Griffin and Elias Davidsson have clinched it.

Ten Items

I am confident in citing these actions as having been carefully planned by the cabal:

*1. World War I, 20 million dead

*2. World War II, 50 million dead

*3. The devastation of the Middle East

*4. The filling of the sky with chemicals, since 2000

*5. The delivery of autism to a million children

*6. The delivery of cancer to millions of adults

*7. The miseducation of children for almost a century

*8. The sex trafficking of millions of children today

*9. The running of the MK-Ultra mind control program

*10. The 2020 pandemic with Lockdown and vaccination.

How To Explain the Lack of Guilt?

Most of the respectable conspiracy theorists take it as given that the cabal is able to get people to do their bidding, via bribery, blackmail, or coercion. But I do not take it for granted.

I ask: How is the cabal is able to extinguish guilt in so many people?  Guilt is a strong emotion. Psychopaths do not experience the emotion of guilt, but plenty of people doing the work of the cabal are not psychopaths.

I know some of them personally and they seem mentally normal.  Some are intellectuals whom you would expect to be repelled by evil. Some work in the Justice System where they have to at least mouth the words of justice.

A small fraction of American professionals may have never seen an alternative website and genuinely don’t know the evidence that 9-11 was an inside job, but many others do read it and toss it off as unimportant. How can they do that?

Anneke Lucas, a Belgian survivor of human trafficking, explains the attitude of “elite” pedophiles.  At her blog she describes “conscienceless men who easily justify what they are doing to children by way of their superiority”:

“They even believe that their pedophilia shows how high class they are, that it takes finesse and creativity to thus stretch moral boundaries, that they are the elite because they do things average people wouldn’t dare to dream, people whom they believe to be boring and stupid — and therefore to be subjugated and kept ignorant. And the people’s ignorance, of course, justifies domination.”

I believe we see that attitude in some members of government, such as Hilary Clinton and George W Bush, but we don’t see it in most bureaucrats or cops. I never see it in judges, yet I do see those judges turn out cruel rulings. I don’t see any such arrogance in Child Protection workers, yet they nevertheless follow a script and do awful things.

Clearly there is an element of dissociation involved. (And we can’t rule out mind control.)

Media Enables a Cancellation of Morality

The ten things listed above (geo-engineering, medical genocide, etc) would cancel the morality of American society if they were to be condoned outright.  They desecrate the values of peace, good health, respect for Nature, and the care of the young. They really are absurd.

As you can see, the general population is not worried about it. Most of my relatives and friends do not think conspirators exist anyway. If I try to tell them, they act like they feel sorry for me. Or they quickly change the subject.

It would be logical for them to say “Tell me more,” wouldn’t it? Or “Where did you get that information?” Actually, it would be logical for them to say “Holy Toledo! Bring me my smelling salts.”  But they never do.

This is partly due to the media’s good behavior back in the 20th century. It was reasonable in those days to deduce that if something wasn’t in The New York Times, it did not happen. (The “paper of record,” you know.)

I believe the MSM (mainstream media) have such authority that if my friends saw CNN tomorrow saying “9-11 was an inside job,” they would take it as true, despite utterly rejecting it in rumor form.

Replacing All Government Officials with Yes Men

A second main reason why people do not resist even the greatest absurdities is that the other main authority in their life is government.

Most people can name their city’s mayor, their state’s governor and of course the president. No matter whether they like those individuals, they automatically associate them with what is right and proper. Even bad deeds, labeled as “corruption,” actually reinforce the idea that government is good, with a bit of deviation now and then.

Is government good? Is the problem really corruption by some officials?  No, it is not. The cabal – or whatever you wish to call the small group on top – has remarkably managed to replace every official with a “safe” man or woman. That official either goes along with the cabal’s plan knowingly or indicates a willingness to ignore it.

Sure, there’s the occasional dissident, but this need not worry the cabal. Indeed, he or she may have been trained and put in place as a token so people will think there is some exciting controversy and that “we always have choice.”


The most important persons in the US government are the 535 members of Congress. All of them have to be on board with the cabal or just suitably ignorant of reality. Through these legislaors’ statutory enactments, anything the cabal wants can be accomplished. And it is.

Think of the Federal Reserve Act that transfers banking power to a private organization. Think of the Patriot Act to allow surveillance of citizens for no reason. Think of the NATO Treaty, approved by the Senate, which puts US military under foreign command. Amazing, no? Think of the tax loopholes that let corporations pay zero tax.

Note: From what I hear informally, no citizen who writes to his Congressperson gets satisfaction. Indeed, it has become customary for the Rep or Senator to not bother replying – probably they could not come up with a reasonable answer.

The Courts and the Justice System

What if Congress passes laws that are unconstitutional? That is where the US Supreme Court comes in. Or fails to come in, as the case may be. Run down that list of ten items again and ask if SCOTUS stood in the way of war, geo-engineering, mind control programs, etc. Nope.

The court is the closest thing America has to a moral headquarters. Yes, I know the law is not based on religion, but citizens have the impression that moral principles will be honored by judges.

In my experience, since 1990, judges are unwilling to challenge government! This can only mean that they are all working for the same bosses, no? Under the balance of power idea, the Third Branch can have the last say — it can nullify a bad law or undo a wrongful criminal conviction.

Ah, wait. Who is making the wrongful conviction happen? That is the justice system, which is under the Attorney General, and therefore is part of the Executive Branch. You can easily find court cases in which the Justice Department is in cahoots with the court. Why don’t they instead exhibit some turf jealousy, as they once did?

In my opinion, it is because the cabal is in charge of everything. Perforce, its many minions on the ground are required to support one another.

You Old Devil, You

There is support among members of various groups such as the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), Freemasons (prominent in legal circles), and Yale University’s Order of Skull and Bones. We should assume that the latter two operate as secret societies.

This kind of brotherhood could explain lack of guilt. You would do anything for your brother.  Also, you would do anything for your cause.  Note how, in 2020, the two main political Parties in the US, Republican and Democrat, closed ranks like never before. They practically declared war.

Maybe a very important source of togetherness in regard to members of government, is a religious-like belief in the devil. I hate to say this, as it is my policy not to discuss anything woo-woo.  I can tell you that in 1978 the US Army allowed the Temple of Set to have a paid chaplain, and “Set” is short for Satan.

Historical research supports a role for occult beliefs in some high-level persons. As to how many judges or legislators are swept away by a faith in the devil, I don’t know. My guess is that the whole business of referring to Satan as a god is that this puts the seal of approval on outrageous behavior.

To state that another way, we humans are normally constrained, by our neighbors and by guilt, from doing harmful things such as lying and stealing to suit our selfish interests. But if the red-horned God asks us to lie, steal, kill, rape a child, shoot down a plane, or whatever, then it’s fine.

Consider this quote from Volume 1 of Fritz Springmeier’s Bloodlines of the Illuminati (2019), regarding the serial killer Ted Bundy who may be related to the Bundy bloodline:

“His longtime girlfriend Elizbeth Kendall wrote in her book, Phantom Prince, that she didn’t know why he brutally killed so many women…. And Ted was capable of some of the biggest lying and yet coming across as totally honest. (This type of lying goes on every day by the Illuminati members who as a habit make boldface lies to the public.)”

Wait for Part Three

I am trying to use the Guilt route to find new ways to tackle the problem, which is truly urgent. Just today (January 23, 2021) Paul Craig Roberts, Reagan’s Undersecretary of the Treasury, said on his blog:

“The US enters the year 2021 as a country that has moved from the list of democracies to the list of authoritarian governments and is rapidly becoming a totalitarian country in which freedom of speech, freedom of association, and due process are dead letter Constitutional protections.  The Gestapo knock at the door, the NKVD knock at the door have come to America.”

Must come up with something before the knock on the door!


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