The Projected Implosion of China’s Influence

(L) Chuanxi, one of China’s incarceration facilities

by Tony Ryan

China has been an important tool of the Globalists, used to destroy national industries and economies and render these vulnerable to IMF and BIS interventions.

More especially, it has been used to pauperise one-half of Americans and Australians; and to militate against Australia’s capacity to once again become self-sufficient; the only nation endowed with a full complement of natural resources and therefore the biggest threat to the globalisation programme.

The Wall Street programme of neo-colonialism was expedited by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 but rather than penalise investment bank manipulators, government’s forced taxpayers to subsidise this home and savings piracy.

Irritatingly, the pseudo-intelligentsia (who delude themselves they are the governing class), instead of condemning China’s central role in destroying industry and full-time jobs, continue to point to China as a robust bulwark against global economic collapse.  Their outrageous interpretations of events, kept purist free trade orientated by Rupert Murdoch’s malignant influence on Australian media freedom, has left the wider community either confused or sullenly silent.

The impact of Covid-19 has highlighted Australia’s vulnerability to trade blackmail and sanctions, causing many former captains of industry to join contemporary leaders in commerce, in a call for the restoration of protective tariffs.

That Murdoch’s Media immediately inflicted a blackout of such conversation provoked a furious Kevin Rudd to launch a petition to Canberra to end the media monopoly and outlaw foreigner Murdoch from Australian publishing. Unsurprisingly, the media has largely ignored his call.

The narrative bounced back into the jointly-owned Journalist and Academia court, featuring China as the only player in town.

Consequently, any analysis of Australia’s economic status and prospects would be meaningless without at least brief reference to China’s real potential for regional or global domination.

Although I stand resolutely by the content of previous articles on Australian politics, this section is more an exercise in joining what is still an incomplete pattern of dots, and with more yet to appear. This is not an exercise in crystal ball gazing, but neither is it an extrapolation based on hard evidence; but more something in between… an exercise in logic, esoteric information, and common sense.

It is hoped that readers will rise to the challenge and make more accurate projections as evidence comes to hand. We will all benefit from such a debate, but most especially the ordinary citizens of the US, Canada, and Australia need the truth for there to be any hope for economic redemption.

For Australians, this story is also needed to highlight the urgency of restoring tariffs and once again becoming economically self-sufficient. To not do so will allow this nation to collapse back into the equivalent of 1937.

Scholars who have deigned to plunge into this defiantly unscholarly paper will demand to know how I obtained my information about China’s dynastic ambitions. Some have berated me already. Where are the documents? Who said what? And when?

The truth is, emanating from compulsively secretive China, there can be no secret documents; and my original sources were ordinary Chinese immigrants in Australia. My methodology for probing their inscrutable Sino-esoterica was admittedly somewhat less than sophisticated, yet was nevertheless a historically respected intelligence seeking technique. I got them pissed… and, typically red-faced, they talked, and they talked.

I wrote the original article on China in February 2010 and, since then, additional evidence has only reinforced my original conclusions. This is really an exercise in demonstrating how easy it is to read history in advance. You don’t have to be a genius, just a deep-digging realist.

And, dear reader, by all means, regard the following as entertainment.


As they flounder to remain occupationally buoyant in the thirteen-year wake of the global financial meltdown, classical economists and academics cling grimly to the only debris still floating, a shard of propaganda that reads China will save the world.

While it is true that the Chinese economy remains strong, real economic growth as published, is in fact slowing if one takes into account the rising socio-economic costs that are being bulldozed into the future. These include:

  • The millions of children orphaned by the rural exodus;
  • The overcapitalisation of investor housing held vacant;
  • The geopolitical cost of meeting future water demand by damming several of the world’s biggest rivers, which will cause famine and disease in a dozen neighbouring countries; and,

And nobody has grappled convincingly with how China can deal with massive unrepayable American debt. No doubt China can ride that sea out, but wave upon wave of American bankruptcies and unemployment since 2008, soon to be exacerbated by commercial real estate collapse, has undermined China’s long-term economic plan.

Inexplicably, nobody understood that an industrial export economy based on low production overheads (cheap labour) would undermine the capacity of trader nations to purchase said items (i.e., massive unemployment).

Once this was understood, vengeful knives were plunged into Deng and he was replaced with Comrade Xi, who was less comrade than prospective Emperor Xi.

Ironically, Xi fully understood that free trade only really benefited the top dog in the long run, so he designed trade policy that trades only to weaken adversaries by creating dependence on foreign imports, then incrementally introducing tariffs and sanctions, ostensibly to “protect the Sino-economy”.

Ergo, once a trading nation has reconstructed its economy around imported manufactured goods, China has only to pull the lynchpin on exports and concomitant import of raw goods (i.e. ores and crude oil) and that nation’s economy seriously falters or collapses altogether. Thus, old-school expensive military expansionism is superseded by profitable migrant colonialism in conjunction with trade wars.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

For the subtle cross-cultural nuance of these events to be truly appreciated, motivational developments need to be presented in a macro-historical perspective.

Enter the Final and Glorious Dynasty

Sometime around three decades ago, the Chinese Communist leadership discreetly contacted the Sino-Diaspora in Singapore, Hong Cong, Macau, Vancouver and elsewhere, and launched the secret drive to create the 15th Dynasty; exactly four thousand years after the commencement of the first.

This was also viewed as the first resurgence of Chinese imperialism since the Manchu Dynasty ended in 1912. Moreover, they proclaimed, “this time it will be global”. To fulfil this dream, it was agreed that the five prerequisite characters were: commonality of language, ethnic unity, acknowledgement of ethnic superiority; secrecy, and economic expansion.

Mandarin was selected as the global Chinese language and it was very correctly surmised that the emergence of democracy in China would precipitate regional and sub-ethnic pride and identity, which would divert energy and resources from the national drive, and therefore must be repressed at all costs. Powerful peer pressures are brought to bear on persons who betray the Great Dynasty by speaking Haka, Hokkien, Cantonese or other dialects.

Likewise, any talk of democracy. Democracy, it was reasoned, would seriously dilute national unity of purpose through an uncontrollable input of values which would likely have less interest in Empire and more on local needs fulfillment. Tiananmen was by no means an overreaction and the current repressions in Hong Kong are a mere foretaste of things to come.

Although the CIA, CFR and coordinated western public media have falsely presented the rebellion in Hong Kong as a plea for egalitarian democracy, they most certainly understand that this is actually, and so typically, a Chinese fight to retain profits. Ironically, this is also pure capitalism.

To ensure that economic imperialism developed rapidly, key exports to targeted nations were heavily subsidised. The CEO of Australian corporation BluesScopeSteel noted that he saw rolls of sheet steel selling in Australia for less than it would cost to produce in their nation of origin, China. Accordingly, America and Australia were flooded by cheap subsidised products, consumer items, tools; construction materials and IT, both hardware and software. No doubt other countries were similarly targeted.

GATT, GATS and the Lima Declaration provided substantial political momentum and hamstrung all resistance. It should be noted that these globalist tools were constructed by the Rothschild/Rockefeller investment banker and resource sector consortium. These are the fingerprints to be found on both Chinese and Globalist policy documents, that we should be cognizant of if we wish to dodge the bullets and recreate Australian national sovereignty and egalitarian prosperity.

The role of the WTO, WB, and IMF were significant, guided by the same very canny Rothschild-Rockefeller alliance (who, it is suspected, contributed to much of the value of subsidies. Certainly, it is known that by 2006 their banks dominated one-third of China’s finance and investment industry, and the subsidies certainly expedited free trade development).

Impact of China on Australia

These imports forced Australian-owned industrial production entities to out-source, off-shore… or go bankrupt.

In Australia, two-thirds of family farmers were forced off the land, replaced by corporate factory farming and macro-agribusiness. Regional economies were obliterated, half of these wiped out by live export.

In the towns and cities, more than 90% of the manufacturing sector perished. By 2006, independent surveys (AIA, Australian Independent, and The Bulletin, 1999) revealed that between 19% and 23% of Australians were unemployed; that 54% struggled to survive on below $15,000 per year and that almost 70% (inclusive of the 54%) had incomes under $29,000. The Keating, Howard and Rudd Governments collaborated in the industrials demise with visible enthusiasm. Fortunately for their necks, these leaders removed treason from the statute books; or so it is said.

To China, the winding up of tariffs was the coup de grace to open-import opposition. As they saw it, the entire global market was as good as theirs by 2005… 4000 years to the day since the commencement of Dynastic China.

It was here that the fatal preoccupation with aspect, portends, fortune, symbolic symmetry, and numbers were accidentally forged into a sword upon which the new dynasty would one day fall.

In the blind drive to achieve the Glorious Destiny of a Thousand Summers, no one checked the till. Had they engaged in humble abacus-based projections, it would have become apparent that in capturing foreign markets they destroyed local jobs in target countries and, thence, incomes and discretionary purchasing power.

For approximately one-third of Australians and Americans, by 2010, disposable income no longer existed. This is the chicane that destroyed Deng.

In both these countries, by 2018, one half of the population could not afford to purchase China’s consumer goods in significant quantities, and the 40% higher demographic have tightened their purse strings in alarm, directing windfalls, stimulus payments, and post-budget excess to eliminating credit card debt and making advance mortgage payments. (This is money, we should note, that was funneled into the banker’s coffers, as was perfectly understood in advance. In Australia, Rudd’s stimulus payments saved the banks from collapse).

Meanwhile, with some forty ethnic minorities murmuring restlessly in China’s North West, and with al Qaeda attacking China’s colonial interests abroad, and its own fuming unemployed about to rampage, the plan of an imported mountain of mineral resources with which to dominate the global consumer market had become the stuff of nightmares. Chinese harbours were overflowing with ore ships. Deng was sacked and Comrade Xi took over.

Then along came Covid-19

Scientists with credibility, including some in Australia, have declared that this virus is unarguably man-made. Investigator consensus appears to be that its origin was in Fort Detrick in America and that internal components of the Wuhan laboratory, which is reputed to be the source of release, are owned by Bill Gates, George Soros, and with Rockefeller and other related investors. One can draw one’s own conclusions.

We can only speculate on how Emperor Xi is reconciling internal economic development needs with those of the Covid crisis but his trade policy is more transparent. Applying the blowtorch to the bellies of trading nations has clearly commenced. Australian politicians appear to have no idea what is happening. Scomo says China is miffed and will get over it. Heaven help us.

This scenario is complicated by Pentagon’s ambitions to launch an all-out war with China, as recommended by the 2015 Rand Report. Crazily, the Biden/Harris ensemble also wants war with Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and Russia. The Pentagon is convinced it can win a war with China, albeit with acceptable collateral damage (i.e. many Australian lives, as forecasted by former PM Malcolm Fraser) but no foreign intelligence service agrees. International consensus is, apparently, that the US will lose.

Why? Because this Sino-American war will be fought on two fronts: missiles and cyber. Jointly, Russia and China have superior missiles, and also the capacity to disarm the US electronically. (Unfortunately for Australians, the primary target installations are on the Australian mainland). Moreover, from an Australian defence perspective, if the war lasts longer than two weeks, we will run out of diesel and our entire transport system will grind to a halt. Can we not engage catch-up mechanisms, I hear you ask?

China has this aspect covered too: With embargos on four of our biggest exports, we have little wriggle-room to upgrade to the necessary 90-day fuel reserve. Even if we did pull off such a miracle, Chinese Singapore, our sole source of petroleum, and joined to Beijing at the hip, will refuse to provide fuel.

China-admiring critics of my articles will suggest I do not credit the Chinese with the integrity that they so loudly claim for themselves, which is true. Guilty as charged.

Sino-fans also insist that the Chinese are too intelligent to engage in rampant colonialism, which they themselves condemn. Nor would they engage in activities that will launch inevitable mutual destruction, such as the use of nuclear-armed missiles.

These are sentiments. Where is the evidence, one way or the other? We need only reflect that this is the same Chinese people:

  • Who guide their future with numerology and other superstitions;
  • Who are driving hundreds of rare animal and bird species into extinction with the belief that their body parts, especially genitals and horns, contain special powers;
  • Who are preoccupied with geographical aspects;
  • Who are fatally preoccupied with money and status, but build homes in their colonial countries with grandiose entrances but tiny rooms, which are then forever unsaleable;
  • Who loudly refer to Australians in Australia as laowai or wai guoren (foreigners), or worse, yang guizi (foreign devils);
  • Who believes they can repress, torture, imprison, enslave and kill their own citizens for the crime of not liking a repressive government; (Oops, this sentiment must be infectious… our very own ALP now regards freedom of expression as a crime);
  • Who sell the body parts of those politically executed;
  • Who continue to allow domesticated fur animals to be skinned alive;
  • Who impose their paranoid secrecy even on the citizens of other nations.

The Chinese are as capable of monumental stupidity as any other human beings on earth.

It rather looks like megalomaniacal lust for power, greed, and blind superstition will end the Glorious Fifteenth Dynasty within ten or fifteen years… perhaps to become known as The Littlest Dynasty.

With a deliberately limited view of the potential range of futures, If it gets its way, China will have climbed onto the Imperial Throne, only to survey a global wasteland.

Meanwhile, 30 million rural Chinese children have been abandoned by parents seeking the urban holy-grail. The cost of containing this vast army of hate and resentment will be added to the cost of a million empty investment homes, and dozens of industrial cities whose pollution has only just begun to kill.

And that is only now. In a decade, those nations whose water has been stolen will be clamouring at the borders, requiring a military repulse on a border-front that stretches for twenty-two thousand kilometres, the longest in the world.

There is another factor upon which no writer appears to have focused. The inevitable collapse of America will precipitate rebellions in all nations subjected to US neo-colonialism… 58 in all. The first rebellion will probably be in Congo, and the thousands of Congolese expatriates, every one a sworn avenger of assassinated Patrice Lumumba, will expel those foreigners whom they permit to live. Few who are aware of the centuries of suffering by the Congolese will condemn their vengeance.

This rebellion will spread across Africa overnight, eliminating the massive Chinese investment in this continent. Within weeks, anticolonialism sentiment will have become global and China will find its imperialism, camouflaged as the Belt and Road Initiative, in ruins.

The simple maths of this reads as an end to cheap foreign resources and a forced investment in local and national product and initiatives. What commodities cannot be produced nationally must then be obtained at premium prices.

And with the impending collapse of global free trade, the Chinese stockpile of technology-sensitive national exports will form mountains in the warehouses and wharves; unsold and unsaleable.

Perhaps the Chinese could use these exports as fill on their new South China Sea islands, but only if the Thais and Malays agree.

Meanwhile, the happiest faces will be in Taiwan.


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