A Smooth Transition – Australia’s Seventh State (Satire)

The signing of the document of transition, in the Opal Office (photoshopped by DM, gumshoe adaption)

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

It was quite a day. January 20, 2021. The transition went even more smoothly than expected. “America” was welcomed in as Australia’s seventh state. The Premiers of the “classic six” states – Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia – met at Happiness House (formerly called The Lodge) to watch the signing.

There is cause for joy all around the world as the official population of Australia, which recently stood at 25 million, is now 355 million. Not that anyone had to be “transported” — the Americans will stay where they are. But most nations are relieved to see the end of a semi-secret and often ruthless empire.

Authority will now emanate from an all-new Australian Parliament. The members have been chosen by sortition. All names from the Electoral Roll were thrown into a bowl and 100 of these were drawn out by magpies. Another 20 names from the American state were added, making 120 potential parliamentarians.

Secretaries got in touch with these 120 to see if they were ready and willing to serve the greater good. That resulted in a final pool of 74 persons, who were split equally into an Upper House and Lower House. Each month there will be a handshake session in which the Uppers and Lowers will renew their assurance of serious concern for all citizens.

The Head of State will be an Aboriginal Elder, chosen by the magpie method. Citizen watchdogs will watch everything.


Unlike the old Westminster system, where Cabinet members arise from within the Legislature, the New “AusCab” will invite members of the public to send in a Resume and a Policy Paper, stating what ideas they have for a specific portfolio. These competitors for AusCab will be required to acknowledge their membership in any secret society, and to show how this should not disqualify them.

They may propose a Portfolio that does not yet exist, such as Steward of the Environment, Investigator for Truth, Encourager of Children’s Creativity.

The Attorney General will meet regularly with religious leaders, moralists, and humanitarians, to set new goals for the mental health of the population. Love and tolerance will be hyped.

Pardons for some prisoners will be possible, based on what they can do to enrich society. Every courtroom judge must understand the meaning and purpose of justice. Law and legalese will be taught in high schools.

The Former United States

The main reason that the US had to give up its sovereignty was that it had already lost its sovereignty. Only a minority of Americans understood the treason of some of their compatriots. It was not really hidden.

The Council on Foreign Relations, for example, a private organization that publishes the list of its 5,103 members, had openly stated its goal of a unified world government, a goal patently incompatible with the survival of any nation’s independence. That organization, the CFR, founded in 1921 under British auspices, has acted for a century as a powerhouse of prestigious persons. Whom did they help?

It is also true that the concentration of wealth in individuals anywhere in the world is a force for harm. Why is a person allowed to accumulate billions of dollars? Why is it that one brain, of a media owner, is allowed to control millions of brains of others? How are they allowed to conceal important social information and propagate lies? For whom do they really work?

Now that America is Australia’s seventh state, what will happen to the individual governments of the old 50 states? They might secede from Australia to become independent nations. Or they may happily stay together, locating their state capital in Washington, DC, or anywhere else.

What about China?

There are approximately 190 nation-states in the world, some are small in population. (Ten states have less than 75,00 people. Tuvalu has only 11,000.) Some are large, the top two being China with 1.4 billion people, and India with 1.3 billion. Australia with its newly acquired 330 million Yanks is fourth, followed by Indonesia with 273 million.

How should the newly expanded Australia relate to India? How should it relate to China given that the recent president of Americans had been talking of trade war and armed war? Is the goal survival? Do Australia and China desire each other’s resources? Does China plan to conquer Australia?

Do Chinese citizens and Australian citizens have similar preferences for what is known as “rights”? What is the belief system in either nation as to the proper source of authority? Who is supposed to sort out conflicts, at the domestic level or the international level? What makes for good family life and social life?

Do Australians and Chinese have knowledge of each other’s customs? Do the two peoples like each other? Hate each other?  Fear each other? What could they do to make their awareness of each other more pleasant and fruitful? How can they get some ideas together?

New Holiday?

Australia Day is next Tuesday, January 26. Should January 20 also be a holiday? Can you recommend a name for it?

Cockatoo meets eagle?  Buffalo meets kangaroo? Wattle meets sunflower? Napa Valley wine meets Barossa Valley wine?  Good folks meet good folks?

What a lovely day, Mates. Enjoy it!


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