The Purge, The Swamp, The Sting Operation and Our Future — We’ll Soon Find Out

7000 troops in DC. To defend Biden’s inauguration?

By Dee McLachlan

In 1969 Dr Day in his talk said “Nothing can stop us now” — and in a few days we will find out. We understand that JFK was not murdered by Oswald; that 9-11 was a false flag; that Covid-19 is a bioweapon, and that the Deep State is planning to disrupt the American Republic in line with the global agenda. A weakened and disrupted US allows the great reset and global order to unfold more easily.

In these interesting and tumultuous times, it is difficult to know what is going on, as Big Tech has “purged” influencers and all competing narratives in an attempt to control reality. Hopefully, these actions will backfire and result in fracturing the online monopolies.

The Purge

Infowars and a few others were the first to fall foul four years ago. It began to ramp up earlier this year when doctor’s YouTube videos were removed for opposing the official (medical) narrative. It became clear Covid-19 was the ultimate false flag event — the result of decades of planning.

And as the election approached, more and more accounts were suspended for violating “community guidelines.” The purge rolled out in earnest after the 6 November 2020 – with anyone putting forward the idea of election fraud being ‘deleted’. This came to a head when Twitter eradicated the president, with thousands of supporting accounts being deleted too — even Ron Paul.

The migration to Parler — attracting 7 million subscribers a day– was halted by Google, Apple and Amazon’s coordinated attack to bury this billion-dollar stock company. These few people managed to silence free speech… for the moment.

And so there is much speculation as to what might happen over the next week. Has the Biden-CCP Deep State camp won, or has Trump drawn them into a trap to finally clear out the swamp?

In Mary Maxwell’s most recent article, “Where Is My Captain?  Where Is My Ship?  Is There Any Hope?” she proposes the very interesting idea that “Donald Trump has been ‘in on’ his own persecution from Day One.” Fascinating! So below, I have outlined three other viewpoints from various influencers.

  1. The Trojan Horse

I receive emails from FREESPIRIT, and below is part of the email with the subject title “This could be my LAST WARNING.”  Freespirit has no faith in Trump and provides one view of what might be happening. (I do not know who this person but this view is in line with some of Gumshoe’s readers — that America will be restructured via the Bunting Cloverleaf map with Israel at its centre.) To quote from the email:

“…I have been warning since 2009… via my different email accounts that the root of what is happening to Western countries, especially America, is the House of Rothschild, and later, the House of Windsor and the Vatican, and in that order.

“I stated, then and many times after, if you don’t at the very least arrest the House of Rothschild, SLAVERY followed by GENOCIDE would be coming. Then In 2015, I also stated that TRUMP would be the worst President ever… mainly because of his Zionist Friends,  Zionist Business connections, and relationship with Israel…  2-3 months ago Trump ceremoniously and symbolically gave the key to the White House to Israel, via  Netanyahu. That alone should have been the clue and warning who is behind the destruction of America… Biden and his cohorts are also, but they are… just moronic distractions. YOU are the main GOAL.

“There is no one in government, on either side of the shekel, whom you should or can trust. They are all bribed with money and/or jobs or coerced… to bring about COMMUNISM… It is my conclusion from my own research that Trump is part of this complete FARCE in order to prevent you from doing something MEANINGFUL. He could have stopped all that… after publicly admitting (he already knew in advance) the ELECTION was a COUP… You have the absolute right of self-defense as per natural/common law.”

Freespirit goes on to subscribe guerrilla cells with the Militia and those Military and Armed Citizens who are on the side of the REPUBLIC and CONSTITUTION. Interestingly, this is what Mike Adams describes in his podcast. That a colour revolution false flag would rise to throw out the president – which would allow martial law and

  1. Mike Adams — Two Potential Futures

Mike Adams puts forward the two sides, one where Trump has given up, and the other where Trump has plotted against the dark forces and will prevent Biden from becoming president.

In laying out these two potential futures, Adams describes first a dark future with Biden – where the Democrats succeeded in the election fraud, and where they succeeded in the false flag siege of the Capitol building. It is a future of free speech censorship and gun confiscation and one of communism and global governance.

On the positive side, says Adams, there is a plan from Trump to expose the corruption and treason; a plan to entrap the swamp creatures. (In a previous video he describes how Trump was negotiating with the Pentagon to start a war with China to get them onside.)

So are the troops in DC to protect Biden from Trump supporters, or is Trump building a force in DC to defend it from a left-wing colour revolution?

Adams also mentions David Wilcock and how we (humanity) can move into the next stage. There is a world of expanded consciousness waiting for humans that are moving towards a more divine future — a future not trapped in debt slavery and confined creativity. He describes us being “locked down by this global cartel of evil” and the reason they engage in child trafficking and sacrifice is to oppress us spiritually through a “planetary fear grid” (of sorts).

The answer to all this, Adams says, is for us to advance to a higher level of spiritual awakening.

  1. Parkes, Ward and Steele — The Trap 

Dr Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, and Robert David Steele provide another alternative.

Parkes, along with the others, has for time prescribed that after the murder of JFK in 1963 by Deep State actors, 200 generals got together and began their decades-long plan to expose and remove the deep corruption that was entrenched in Washington DC.

Parkes describes how Trump was very keen in his first year in office to clean up the swamp, but these generals said that 85% of the Senate or Congress were part of the corruption and this would leave the government exposed and lacking. He claims the white hats have been planning to trap the bad actors for many years, and the election fraud was part of the sting operation.

Parkes goes on to describe how members of the Italian government were working with the Vatican and NATO and how they corrupted the election by switching votes in the Dominion machines via satellite. He goes on to explain that everything was planned to draw the treacherous into the trap and that all will be exposed soon.

They paint a bright future for humanity.


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