2021/12/03rd – the ‘vack scene’ DOUBLES the deaths from all causes


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1 – Same TV station different story.  

What changed From July when they said CV never been caught outdoors



2 – This is how you tell your government to mind their own business.

Wonder why at 17 sec. no mention that the people burned the Govt buildings ?

[embedded content]



3 – Faked figures of deaths and injuries


4 – QR codes can become stuffed

Carry with you – use discretely – spots can appear on signs  anywhere anytime … eh ??  No property is damaged here ?

you might prefer to get sheets of white dots from a Newsagent and put several dots up quickly – should get the same result


5 – BOMBSHELL: ‘Vaccinated’ adults under age 60 are dying at TWICE the rate of unvaccinated… the ‘vaccine’ DOUBLES the deaths from all causes

11/23/2021 / By Ethan Huff /.        (see full article here)

and here  PDF Vaccine Death Report



6 – Graphine Oxide murder weapon 

click PDF    Graphene Oxide is Murder Weapon


7 – Common Law Records  

From: Arlyn   I recorded my title of my house and land.  No charge


If you want to try any of these – remember that  

Record a Live Birth
Click on the link in the above heading to record your birth under common law. By recording your birth, you establish your standing as a living man or woman.

Record Marriage
Click on the link in the above heading to record your marriage under common law.

Motor Vehicle
Record your declaration of ownership for your motor vehicle. This moves the vehicle to common law jurisdiction.

Lawful Rebellion
Have you recorded your oath under Article 61 yet? Fill in the form and upload your Oath.

Property Ownership
This category can be used to transfer the ownership and jurisdiction of your property. Your property is transferred from the fiction to the living man/woman.

Record a business, organization or trust
Your organization can operate freely under our common law and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Record Medical Marijuana Use
Record your medical marijuana use to establish your lawful usage under English Common Law, our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901

Charter to establish a Common Law Assembly
Australia: Establish your status as a member of a Common Law Assembly to give power to your community to pass laws, convene common law courts, appoint Sheriffs, and to unite people to work together under common law


8 – COVID patient left for ‘dead’ recovers after court forces hospital to allow ivermectin treatment



9 – Annastacia Palaszczuk Qld Premier, breaching Human Rights Act

Hey, sign the petition to Lorraine Finlay human rights commissioner: Remove Annastacia Palaszczuk from her Position as Qld premier on breach Human Rights Act”  Help by adding your name. Our goal is to reach 7,500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here: https://chng.it/SLMsZZNMh5

copy to URL  https://www.change.org/p/lorraine-finlay-human-rights-commissioner-remove-annastacia-palaszczuk-from-her-position-as-qld-premier-on-breach-human-rights-act?signed=true



10 – South Australia Interstate arrivals

Take a look at these draconian rules for entering SA.   I just got off the phone with them and they tell me I have to go to the doctor and get an exemption Certificate from him.   Well, the problem is the doctor tells me that the QLD Government has told him and ALL doctors that if they give anyone an exemption Certificate they get a hefty fine and then their license to practice taken away from them (Catch 22).

South Australia has opened its borders to vaccinated travellers. COVID-19 vaccination requirements apply to all travellers including returning SA residents.

If you are travelling to South Australia from interstate, you must complete an EntryCheck SA application. You can complete your application 14 days before your planned arrival, and it is recommended you apply at least 72 hours before your planned arrival.

South Australians travelling interstate must also complete an EntryCheck SA application before returning to the state.

EntryCheck SA will assess your COVID-19 risk and advise of any entry conditions.

Vaccinated (Jabbed) travellers

You can travel to South Australia from interstate if you have completed a course of a COVID-19 vaccine approved or recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Depending on where you are travelling from and your level of risk, you may need to complete quarantine, testing and symptom check requirements using HealthCheck SA. Read more information about EntryCheck SA and entry conditions.

If you have not completed a course of a COVID-19 vaccine approved or recognised by the TGA (i.e. had one dose of 2 dose course), you will be classified as an unvaccinated traveller.

Unvaccinated (Not Jabbed) travellers

If you are an unvaccinated traveller and do not have an approved medical exemption, you are not permitted to travel to South Australia. This includes returning South Australia residents.

Exemptions will be considered for select reasons (i.e. funerals, end-of-life visits). Applications for an exemption are made as an extension of your EntryCheck SA application. You can apply for an exemption via the link in your EntryCheck SA outcome email.


11 – Updates … click PDFs

Russia’s Missile Warning in Ukraine

USA Watchdog CCP Massive Organ Op.

Restored Republic 3rd December, 2021



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The Covid-19 Vaccine Kills!

What is going on is a bio weapon heart stopper - the elites call a 'vaccine'

Political prisoner Solange is free AGAIN after BEEN KIDNAPPED twice by self confessed terrorist criminal groups Click HERE for TRUE story

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