2021/11/25th – Medical Proof Finally that the Covid Jab is “Murder”  


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How many of you had success in notifying any part of the MSM about Item 1 on Post dated 23 Nov –  Qld Govt – COVID Safe  – no longer mandatory – plan has been revoked – no longer mandatory.  Your feedback please

1 – Do you recall any year when you were not threatened with fear 


2 – AustraliaOne Party – A time to decide. 

A spear is also a sword ?  Luke 23.36



3 – Somebody is not doing their “homework” in the Parliaments and Health Depts,  they are surely aware of the facts ?

Just a few of the basic facts are

Why must anyone submit to a “gene therapy” for a germ that does not exist,  and there is no “isolated sample” available? Masks play no part in safety as shown by this mother in item 4


4 – This Parent followed the $$ re masks on school children  

Powerful speech brave woman we need more people like her



5 – Annastacia Palaszczuk’s PCR confusion was ‘childish gibberish’

[embedded content]


6 – Getting ready for more lockdowns etc ??  More BS …  we all know what a “case” is. 

Young Victorian girl becomes South Australia’s first COVID case since opening borders | 7NEWS




7 – Why they can’t stop rolling this out – Bosi + Sacha Stone 



8 – In case someone tries to block you entering a premises

Right of Entry To Commercial Premises — Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988—Section 94H    see item 13

06 – Exemptions – Face Masks + Vaccination + Police Sunset Clause

9 – Official Medical Proof Finally that the Covid Jab is “Murder”   Dr Vernon Coleman 



10 – A Phone Call to the Northern Territory Administrator AFTER they started FORCE VAXING people in the town of Katherine.


Steven Spiers got her to admit to whatever he was telling her. Steven jas been criticised for yelling at the woman.  C’mon, the situation now is as it was in Breaker Morantz who told the Judge – “we were in an ambush, we didn’t have time to look up the rule books, so we simply applied Rule 303. This current ambush will not be solved by Law Books, Constitutions, Bill of Rights or even the 10 Commandments.  By the way, since that phone call, Police Commissioner Fuller has been liquidated and replaced by Karen! What can we expect ?


11 – Australian Army Removing People Against Their Will 



12 – Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll Had Exempted Herself and Many Senior QPS Executives From Mandated CV19 Jabs



13 – When the Chinese invade they will likely take PNG  as a base and blockade the Torres Strait, they have already done full surveys of PNG and  oceanography surveys around the Australian coast and know exactly where the deep trenches are to hide their nuclear missile submarines so they cannot be found by satellite unless directly overhead.

They will then take Townsville as they need the port base, and move north to remove any resistance, when consolidated they will then move inland and south through Charters Towers to secure a high vantage point at Toowoomba to control Brisbane.

We upgraded all the WW2 inland airfieldands, they are on standby-ready and are able to take the biggest of military and airforce defence planes, ours and American.  Expect a lot more exercises across the top end.


14 – Tim Dwyer – States Declare WAR on The people.   Federal Government Supplies Troops and Weapons


Tim again – JAB can lead to Narcolepsy = Disaster on the Road or Worksite 



15 – NSW doctors launch legal action against the NSW Government – 



16 – So – you don’t believe concentration camps exist today ?



17 – 2009 Covid-19 Episode 


18 –  People Everywhere Dropping Dead Like Flies From Vaccines   

an intro

Watch the full vid here  https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZudeWtGmptuD/


19 – 3 x very short vids of less than a minute each





20 – So you get into an awkward situation facing a jab ?

All brands have a code,  as recently explained

If it is 1, it’s saline. If it is 2 or 3, it’s the kill shot.

And asking to see the vial doesn’t mean your shot came out of that vial.

Apparently jabbers work from a list of those that get 1 and those who get 2 or 3 codes.


21 – Local Councils to reject the mandates

AS you all know, Yeppoon citizens had a win with their council and it was voted that they, as a shire, will not be following the Qld gov mandates. 

Now shires all over Qld are setting up town meetings with their councils to do the same.  They need people to get along to these meetings.  Can you get there?  The more people involved the better the outcome. 

The first one is tonight for Logan at 7:30pm. Then: 

COUNCILS: Closing update from Tuesday 😄…

Councils that have initiation meetings booked:

Moreton bay – Nov 28

Redlands – Nov 26

Kilcoy ???

Kingaroy – Nov 28

Toowoomba – Dec 3rd

GC – Dec 2nd

SC – Dec 6th

Townsville – Nov 24

Rockhampton ???

Charters Towers ???

Those with council vote incoming this week…




Port Douglas

Fraser Coast



These meeting need the support of everyone. Even if you don’t live in the area, get along. I’m heading up to the Kingaroy one and will be at as many others as I can get to.

Please copy and share this message into your groups and to people you know that are onboard. 

It’s probably better not to put on fb as a post, just share through your messenger, telegram, etc, groups 


22 – Military Arrests Biden’s Deep State Handler Anita Dunn



23 – click  Update Thurs. Nov 25, 2021



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