2021/11/04th – The Prosecution of Dan Andrews Victoria  


I wonder if there is any coincidence in that Andrews goes to trial on December 17 and Qld Borders open on that day?

On tonight’s news. Anastacia, D’Ath and SCOMO pushing the vaxx like crazy. They don’t give a damn about Andrews and what is going to happen to him, because they think they will go scott free.

D’Ath said tonight “you had better go out and get vaxxed otherwise they will come to your door and door it there”.        That is no veiled threat.


The private prosecution of the Premier and the CEO of the state of Victoria (INC) has today (3rd November 2021) been ‘filed and served’ at the electorate office of Dan Andrews at Noble Park at 2pm.

This completes the legal process to activate the criminal action against the defendant for the crimes of concealing the unlawful removal of the constitutional monarch, without a national referendum (S128 Constitutional Act)

Dan Andrews is scheduled to appear in court on the 17th December 2021.

We have received confirmation that police and fire services have been at this office the whole afternoon today, the office is now boarded and sealed to the public.

We can assume that Dan Andrews has received and read his criminal charges.

If he was to appear, he will stand must defend himself, without a Director of public prosecutions and/or deputy director of public prosecutions, in a rural magistrate court.

The Criminal charge – Misprison of Treason

If he fails to appear, the magistrate must apply bail conditions against the defendant, until he appears in a court house, to defend the charges of Treason.

NB: A sitting politician CAN NOT remain in Parliament whilst defending a criminal charge.


2 – 3000 nurses in South Aust are out of work

The media don’t seemed rattled or interested that 3000 nurses in South Australia are out of work and the majority of covid patients in hospital are vaccinated or young patients are showing heart problems or kids are being injected with vaccines that are banned in other countries. Why isn’t this all front page news???? The media in this country are all complicit for suppressing the truth. 

The music noise is in the clip  sorry


3 – Military Convicts Chelsea Clinton



4 – NAVY SEALs Raid Cargo Ship Full of Smuggled Children



5 – Now it makes sense why the push to roll out technology while we are in this ‘scam-demic’



6 – Something really strange is happening at Hospitals all over America



7 –  A baby from a vaxxed parent USA


8 – When power stations are shut down

Original designed 2022 one horsepower Volkswagen, large exports predicted to Australia, to help comply with UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow resolution.

In future times due to CO2 restrictions only smaller horses will be legally able to be used, to prevent unlawful use all bigger horses will be used for pet food. The Greens bill before parliament is to have all CO2 removed from beer as well. It will be served warm and flat with dry bread to reduce drinker CO2 exhaust flatulence.  Enjoy the Green future — and flat beer.


9 – 1800s technology – will blow your mind 



10 – Med Beds 



11 – Updates   PDFs

USA Watchdog- COVID Vax Causes Death

Update Thurs. Nov 4, 2021

X22 Report #2618, Wed. Nov 3, 2021



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