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In some wetlands, people who go fishing always face the risk of snakes dropping out of a tree into the boat.  A person who is “relaxed” from fishing, on many occasions has panicked, and picked up the rifle to shoot the snake in the boat. The shots put holes into the bottom of the boat and it sinks.

POINT:  We have political people operating without a brain, who have managed to put holes in our national security and they are so proud of themselves until they are captured by the enemies who are invading our country now.  Killing one’s nation means killing one’s self.  NOT SMART.

1 – When will the internet be closed ?

2 – Better to be obedient ??

3 – New York Construction Worker washes his mouth and speaks 

4 – Parent serves $200 million malpractice on school board

5 – The State calls the Vaccinated – “Marked” 

ie people who have received the “Mark”  guess which one  


6 – Nasa making you believe they go into “space” 

7 – Victoria

Tony Nikolic from AFL solicitors told Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy he disagreed with the dismissal of the cases,

9 – Craig Kelly update

RDA is joining Craig Kelly and United Australia Party   Monica Smit interviews Craig to announce the joining of RDA party with the United Australia Party.  Monica asks some general questions about how UAP are doing so far and what they stand for.  Read Monica’s full press release here – 



10 – Cops can have bad days too 

11 – Pfizer Research worker runs from Reporter. 


12 – Chaos At Sea: 1 Million Containers Are Now Stuck Off US Ports As Shipping Crisis

Why aren’t the National Guard manning their Ports?  Unless of course these shortages are being actively orchestrated. 
Coming to a country near you!


13 – Tim Dwyer – The Clearfield Doctrine – May 2021


14 – Tim Dwyer  Make Your Choice Stand or Bow.  Oct 7  2021


15 – Tim Dwyer  – What You Do Echoes into Eternity   Oct 9 2021


16 – Peter Campion   Letter to The Editor  The Australian 

MEN who choose to get a genocide Jab of mind altering parasites, will have trouble getting their head around these simple FACTS   If you read information regarding the release of the plandemic you will find that climate change was to be the follow up!

It is most likely that “The Australian” will not publish this letter as our newspapers are in step with our governments.  Circulate this, you have Peter’s permission. And, I think that some words in the lyrics in our national Anthem should by changed- We are  not “Young and Free,” anymore, far from it.  – Werner

From: Peter Campion
Sent: Saturday, 16 October 2021 8:11 AM
To: letters@theaustralian.com.au
Subject: Facts and conclusions

To The Editor  

Fact: no country experienced excess deaths outside normal statistical boundaries in 2020. 

Fact: our federal government banned cheap, effective Covid cures. 

Fact: our federal government banned doctors from expressing doubts about Covid vaccines. 

Fact: our federal government refused to enforce our Constitution on the border-closing states. 

Fact: our federal government borrowed in our names to fund law-breaking Premiers. 

Conclusion: Covid would be just another flu if our federal government hadn’t created panic.

Fact: no country has experienced an ongoing higher average temperature trend.

Fact: sea-level in Sydney Harbour is lower now than in 1988 when global warming alarm began. 

Fact: Antarctica had a record cold winter and has record ice mass.

Fact: human CO2 output has doubled since 1990 without causing global warming. 

Fact: our power prices doubled against adjusted buying power since we started reducing our CO2.

Conclusion: Governments created global warming panic from a natural warm cycle that is now over. 

Fact: all of the facts above are readily verifiable.

Fact: any journalist can access the truth about Covid and climate. 

Fact: corporate media has abandoned its own Code of Ethics to assist governments lying to us. 

Fact: corporate media has profited at the expense of Australian consumers. 

Fact: corporate media employees are actively assisting criminal conspiracies.

Conclusion: if we defeat the global-socialist’s Great Reset plans journalists will face trial for fraud.    (224 words)

Peter Campion PO Box 47 Tolga Qld 4882

17 – Click to open PDF      X22 Report #2601, Thurs. Oct 14, 2021



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