2021/05/09th –  Arise USA – things are on the move

Arise USA – things are on the move  Item 12


First – 3 short clips – there can be truth in humour

1 – 1981 – The plandemic to exterminate Useless Eaters – who remembers?

2 – E U Lawsuit reveals Globalist Corona-hoax Vaccine Extermination Protocol

3 – THIS Is Their END GAME

4 – Police Caught lying to stop a Christian preaching


5 – These creatures do it because this is the way they are

Camels don’t hang around with cattle or horses, ducks do not hang around with chickens or emus. Multi-culturalism never really worked and God forbids it, so why are we still trying it on here in Australia, What if it was an an Adamite doing such below ??  all over the TV news ?  yeah right


Practical Eph 5.11  And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.

and 1 Tim 5.8 – But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

6 – Two minutes of child endangerment surrounding LA schools,

Compliments of the Local Councillors. This is going on in lots of cities 

7 – West Australian woman suffering horribly from the jab

Sad part is the retarded Christians getting the jab by the millions

8 – 48-Year-Old Surgeon DEAD after Mocking “Anti-vaxxers” and Writing His Own Obituary after Moderna COVID Injections – and heaps of similar stories


9 – Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design)




10 – GLOBAL COVID FRAUD! Evidence that all the data is 100% false!!!


11 – China advised to bomb ‘Australian soil’



Time to get our guns back ?

12 – Arise USA – things are on the move

VIDEO:  1.09 hour – If you don’t wanna watch, read the excellent REPORT NOTES from Rebecca USA


(Rough transcript; go to the link for details and accuracy)

WARD:  One of the biggest news items today is that a thousand lawyers have descended on Arizona …. Trying to stop the audit ….  That suggests they have been up to no good…

SORCHA:  That is extraordinary… love to hear Steel’s opinion about that….

STEELE:  They will not succeed…. The train has already left the station…. And by July 4, Americans will realize what was done…. And the law says that any election won by fraud is over turned….

WARD:  Also it is important to know that BEFORE the election, Donald Trump went to the Supreme Court and VERIFIED exactly that.  If there was any Foreign Interference or Fraudulent Action in the 2020 Election, then it would be deemed ‘null and void”.  They verified that fact. So the groundwork has already been done, hasn’t it Mel?

MEL:  Yes, and I also think people are awake enough to watch what is going on with the Democratic party and their “LAWFARE” used to destroy people. The TRUTH of the matter is… If there are a hundred million people in America think that the election was fraudulent, then why not just prove it was legitimate?  Here is the problem… our country is still a Constitutional Republic…. The MSM lackeys like MSNBC or CNN… are out there saying, “Oh this is QANON or Lin Wood or Sidney Powell”…. But no it is the people of Arizona who want the audit… anyone can log on and watch it.  How transparent can you be?

SORCHA:  Here is Simon… what do you think?

SIMON:  Well, I am disappointed.  I thought Charlie Ward was the “Babe”…. My thoughts… AZ was always going to be the state that would see the “fight back” … and for lots of reasons. Apart from Chief Justice Roberts… when push comes to shove… I think that most of the Justices will vote in a way that they have not up until now… and I think that the Supreme Court will be “bottled up” and it will HAVE TO MAKE a decision. Then I think other organizations which have been waiting for the Courts to give them the “permission to act”… they will then be able to act. I actually think that this is the BEGINNING OF THE END for the Cabal…. On the POLITICAL level.

(6.09 minutes)

MEL:  Also the other thing that is happening is that the international community is no longer sitting around … silent.  They all know what happened and that this was a GIANT STING. We are watching all over the world where they are trying to pull off “color revolutions”… which is what they did to American last year. We just say on in Belaruse…. Which refused the global reset…. Nobody on the planet wants to go back to the “Obama days”. WE are also watching Kerry being exposed for being against Trump… in bed with Iran… with the Muslim Brotherhood. That story is not going away… it is very big…. And the MSM ratings are down to NOTHING… nobody watched the Oscars. People are starting to wake up and it is amazing to see … finally.

WARD:  We are seeing the transition from darkness to light…. And the distance is quite wide. People on the fence are falling into the light…. Because so many things do not make sense. People ask me why Donald Trump was pushing the vaccine…. The more I think about it… going forward we do not need to put our faith in a man…. We must follow God.

SORCHA:  I would disagree…. What happens if a Man is in alignment with God?  The Christed Ones. Just to let you guys know … we have hit over 10,000 live viewers already… and we are only 7 minutes in.  It will go up… we had over 30,000 the other day. FACT:  People want to hear real stuff. They are certainly not hearing it anywhere else…and at some point… you are going to have to ask us about the tour.

(9.20 minutes)

WARD:  That is very important.  Sacha and Robert are going on a tour of the United States of America. This is going to be a very important part of the process of “The Awakening”. American as been in the DARK…. And the army of people who are going with you two on the tour … The Resurrection Tour…. Around America…. You go with our Blessings. I am going to hand this discussion over to Robert to explain what you are doing and where you are going.

STEELE:  We had a major change today.  It is actually starting in Nevada, instead of Atlanta…. Because there is a constitutional county coming up… and Sheriff Mack is leading 3,000 sheriffs in the USA who are pushing back for encroachment by Federal and State officials who were blackmailed and brainwashed to sell out America and become traitors.

 INSERT:  The United States total includes 3,006 counties; 14 boroughs and 11 census areas in Alaska; the District of Columbia; 64 parishes in Louisiana; Baltimore city, Maryland; St. Louis city, Missouri; that part of Yellowstone National Park in Montana; Carson City, Nevada; and 41 independent cities in Virginia.

This tour is an educational non profit tour. There are two big themes:  Election Fraud and Reform. I am the only guy who has put together Election Reform map with 12 different aspects that need attention. But we have Covid… Health Sovereignty… and the TRUTH. FACT:  The world is coming around because of people like you Charlie, Mel K, and Simon…. And Vandersteel… X22… Alex Jones… Sargent Report… The world is coming to understand my old motto:  The Truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

Finally there is the Community and the Constitution. We are turning back to Community Level Activism. FACT:  There is no State force, including the State Police Force, that can stand up to a Constitutional Sheriff that DEPUTIZES all of the pissed off Veterans… who are armed and trained. FACT:  America is BACK IN THE SADDLE.

(11.51 minutes)

SACHA:  Can we address a controversy? I am going on Robert’s tour as an “outside observer” to get the pulse of what is going on in America, because I believe it is the most important country on the face of the earth…. It is HUMANITY. If we can tap into that “middle American song”… we are going to be able to tap into a resurrection which is not only just America… but of over 240 nations that are compacted to the United Nations. And … Please, God…. That the Resurrection sees the end to all multilateral governance initially … and all of those godless, God damned, diabolical multilateral agencies… and I am talking about:

  1.  The World Trade Organization

  2. The World Food Program

  3. The World Health Organization (WHO)


I could do a three hour lecture on every single agency.  You know I was a former Director in the NGO sector.   I know a fair bit about it.  My POINT is this:  This tour is intended to be “the CAN OPENER”. Because “WE, the people” …. Not “them”…. And not some cavalry coming to rescue us…. We have to be the ones to open this can of worms… We have to look squarely at what it is…. BECAUSE… we are the ones who seated it and PERMISSIONED it.

FACT:  Our tax dollars paid for it.  FACT:  Yes, we were asleep at the wheel…. But NOT ANY LONGER. That is why we are going on this tour.  That is why I am coming to DOCUMENT this tour and to show it back to America and to the world.

POINT:  We have all come under tremendous scrutiny… those of us here tonight… with a lot of flak in the last few months, because you guys had the balls to come out and say what you thought … what you believed… you felt what you saw.  The criticism we have had is for setting people up with expectations that crashed and burned.  So HOW do we as truthers… who are well connected variously… and we are not God damned prophets… visionaries…

SIMON:  I think what you are talking about is the Inauguration Day… one hour before it there was an explosion in Madrid… which was reported by the Media as a “gas explosion”, but we know now that it was more than that… The THREAT was… if any action was taken… and the White Hat’s were planning to take out some of the “middle ranking and low ranking officials”…. And the threat was that if it happened, they would wipe out many European cities. In a couple of hours, the White Hats got the number on that… but it was too late. Nobody actually said that it was going to happen… tanks rolling in to make arrests. People who expected it were looking for someone to blame. I hope in the weeks to come that people will realize that this was a very FAST MOVING GAME… and as Sacha said, not everybody could not at every moment what was about to occur.  Even the White Hats on occasion had to double back to check what was going on.

SACHA:  It has been difficult to follow.  I have been contacted by some Delta Force operatives… who I know and trust… who I have known for a long time… I was asked to feed some information about the time of the Inauguration on Capital Hill.  But I decided not to release it.  And it proved to be RIGHT to not release it. What I said to the operatives… who I respect… I said, “Guys, I think you are being set up, to set me up, with some double disinfo… for whatever….” Steele and I spoke about this a year ago about the “Five Dimensional Chess Game”… being played out… it is a very abstruse game… and no one can pretend they understand how to play beyond a certain point… What are your thoughts on this, Robert?

STEELE:  It all comes down to the American public… disinformation is easily identified…. We are now in a whole new level of public discord… Civics is coming back… conversation is coming back. As Mel K said, we have all turned off the television… Hollywood is taking a nosedive… newspapers are being ignored… and America is having a conversation…. I don’t want to call the tour a “War Caravan”… but it is in fact. There are big SUMMITS going on that I think of as conventional armies. The Tucson meeting was EPIC. There are some other meetings that were severely diminished because of some bad decisions… but it is also happening.

That is the “conventional approach”. Our approach is unconventional… we are not charging $500 for entry, which is a disgraceful amount of money to charge for an event… like is happening in Dallas and Tampa. We are FREE.  We are paying for this by the Donors.  We are meeting people face to face…. In Hotel conferences and in Town meetings…. And in staged events. FACT:  This is the RESURRECTION of America. Although I am the sole legal and financial organizer of the tour, I did not organize it… This God’s Hand. And all of YOU have made it possible…. And Donald Trump has made it possible for my voice to be heard and for this tour to be successful. IT IS ALREADY SUCCESSFUL. Michael Jaco is going to give us a “Love Bubble” training seminar…

SACHA:  We are also beaming these Tesla frequencies from our buses… so we have all sorts of magic… and juju.  It is all good.

MEL:  I agree with you that a free event let’s the poor people come.  I have been driving across America.  It is decimated.  It should be thriving with farms and industry… As we tour across the country, then Sacha will see it.  You cannot believe how much we have been robbed…. By these globalists of the One World Government. So we are going to be with the real people who just want to go down the street and hang out with like minded individuals. We are saying, “Come on down… meet people.” When freedom is free…. And people can all enjoy it… the forum is for everyone… that is the key…. When all countries start looking at themselves as nations…. We think the Great Reset is the opposite of the intended… people starts resetting their nation…. Humanity will come to demand their basic fundamental Rights given by God.

SACHA:  You are correctly right that this is all about people…. UNLESS you are one of those middle aged Bankers… who is banging out of Davos and wears the antlers… you are not welcome and we do not represent you.  We do not want your little boys that wear little dresses.  Do you know why Steele, Sheriff Mack, and our crew call that…. You have a Harley Davidson followed by FAITH, Family, And FREEDOM.  It is not “progressive” and there are no rainbows or unicorns. That is what we have to get back to.

STEELE:  I know you are aware that this Piggy is coming on the trip…. And somebody gets to “kiss the pig”. We have different colours of hats…. One for everyone… This tour is about PEOPLE and not about parties….It is for the whole EARTH.

SACHA:  We are making provision for a drone to be tethered to the cavalcade… so that people can come in and see us livestreamed 24/7.

(26.11 minutes)

SIMON:  First of all, I think your Miss Piggy is going to win the vote. Now… there are very wealthy multinational individuals who now own more land than the Queen of England. We should ask ourselves, “Why are people pulling their money out of the Stock Market and investing it in land?” And is it right for one person to own so much land… and prevent people from building houses, growing food, building schools….? I think we all know the answers to that….

SACHA:  The Chat room has Pamela Davis asking if this is the white supremacist vaccine-phobic conspiracy group?

STEELE:  Well, that is obviously from a village idiot.  I am a former Marine Officer and former CIA clandestine spy.  I created the Intelligence Analysis Facility in the 1980s.  I am the top nonfiction Reviewer in the English language with over 2,000 reviews across 98 categories.  I was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize. So…(holding up many coloured hats) ….what part of Diversity do you not understand, Moron?

(28.13 minutes)

WARD:  When you start hovering over the TARGET… they have to throw either the ‘race war” at you or the “homophobic” labels at you.  And now the latest one is “VAX or AntiVax”. I had an interesting communication with a Shaman and from a U.S. Constitutional Lawyer in the last week who pointed out something.  I made an announcement back in March that the U.S. Military had recognized Donald Trump as the Commander in Chief.  I asked people what that meant.  The Commander in Chief according to Robert, who would know better than anybody, means that he is the Constitutional President. So when it comes to the President that the world thinks is in place, that president is equal to a “CEO of a Company” as long as the company is still in business.  Well, we KNOW that the US Corporation was dissolved in 2018, and that was finalized THREE WEEKS AGO. FACT:  So there is little or no point in being a “president” of a Corporation that is no longer in existence.

(29.23 minutes)

STEELE:  I will tell you what.  There is a lot of stuff that confuses me.  There is a lot of stuff that I don’t understand about territorial law, Maritime Law, and so forth. Where I come down is Natural Law.  That is where Sacha and I have come together. I believe that the American public is about to start exercising its right to convene Grand Juries against Public Officials who are clearly a threat to the Public HEALTH and wealth. I have said On the Record that I believe MOST… not all, but most… federal, state, and local officials have been (1) Bribed, (2) Blackmailed, or (3) Brainwashed. I never expected to be the Point Man for Election Reform, for Wall street Treason and Crime, and for Satanic Pedophilia –the child trafficking, sacrificing, and murder of children…. but I am. I am making 10 websites… making 5 movies… and I am running this tour… as God’s servant.

Here is the BOTTOM LINE:  We are going to win. There are more of us then there are of them.  So this tour is about giving people courage and hope and a way to come together. My Patriot Networks has County Forums. We have the emails for every single Sheriff in America. We are going to be hitting EVERY STATE with 84 stops. Nobody has ever done this before…. And I do believe that this is going to be the defining event of this year with one exception.  That is when we meet with Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore on July 4th.

(31.11 minutes)

SACHA:  I agree with all of that.  This is not a “Trump Tour”…. However, and that needs to be underscored… this is not a Trump tour…. And it is not being funded by Trumpsters. FACT:  It is a people’s tour.

ROBERT:  Let me give some percentages.  I think the audience deserves substance. FACT:  The Democratic Party controls 17% of the voters.  The Republican Party controls 13% of the voters.  20% of the voters are Libertarians or voters who have votes that do not count.  FACT:  We have a “Two Party Tyranny”…. One bird, two wings, same crap. FACT:  50% of our voters DO NOT VOTE AT ALL.  They either understand it is a rigged system, or there is voter suppression. This tour is about nothing less than giving VOICE and VOTE to 100% of our voters….and to terminate the two party tyranny. We are calling on everybody to:  Do Not donate a single penny to any politicians, including Republican politicians who fail to Endorse the “#unrigtheelecion” format. While we were doing this show, I just got a letter from a congressman who wants to introduce the Act to Congress.

MEL:  Great!  Another thing that is beginning to become more clear here is that the “dark to light” is also being reflected in people.  The people are really starting to show their true colors.  More than anything else people are starting to see the true colors of the manufactures “Race War”…. Which is a part of the bigger picture plan to “dividing” us in every way. I think the Race War is running its course.  We have talked about how this was set up over time all the way back with Obama and Eric Holder… the attack on our Cops… the Race War. Especially in New York City, this is bringing people together from all walks of life. Of course, they are flooding our country with criminals and they are letting out the cartel members, who are disguised as “unaccompanied minors”. The truth is:  THEY ARE TRYING TO ASSEMBLE AN ARMY.

They know that the end is near for them.  I believe that our military, our cops, and our Sheriffs are not going to allow this to happen. America has had it… this whole racism thing has backfired… and they did not just cheat, but they cheated so big that it is laughable. They did not just try to start a Race War, but they went full Marxist over the top… and they alienated everyone. I am seeing the backlash… FINALLY, thank God.

[Discussion] (37.27 minutes)

SACHA:  I just want to bring into this broadcast the “Elephant in the Room”… which is this lethal, synthetic, cocktail of molecules that is masquerading as a “vaccine”… courtesy of your local Public Health Administration…. Paid for by your coin debt to Caesar. We are in a pretty dire straight when it comes to the biological paradigm.

FACT:  WE ARE UNDER THREAT.   It is an existential threat.  I have spent the best part of a year … not only doing judicial hearings but literally hundreds of interviews with epidemiologists, biologists, naturopaths, scientists, etc. It is crystal clear:  

FACT:  This is a full frontal End of Days assault against the planetary biome, and not just the human biome.  By that I mean the microbial biome with flora and fauna, which in a sense is the most vulnerable aspect of the biosphere.  It is the invisible element. These sons of bitches in the deep state basement who are luciferin blood drinking echelon have all known for thousands of years … not just recently… have long known that stealth is the way of the Devil.  It always was.

Where the proverbial Serpent in the Garden of Eden was able to trick the Adamite into surrendering conscience or consciousness… while abrogating “soul sovereignty”… that is permission based…. Which is Universal Law 101.  So actually it is “right and proper”. So where we ae led to believe that this is a “public health crises”… and we are led to believe that “the government is protecting us”… and we are led to believe that the “vaccine is a vaccine”… and we are led to believe that it will “prevent”… even though the hard science says absolutely 101%. So it is like a spotlight calling us out:  Are you amongst the Living, or are you amongst the Dead?

WARNING:  We are about to see a PLANETARY BIFURCATION later this year almost certainly. I spoke with doctors even today with hundreds of clients …. They are expecting mass death occurring BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Simon, what are your thoughts about the synthetic cocktail masquerading as a vaccine?

(40.19 MINUTES)

SIMON:  First of all, this is not just about America.  What you are doing is to wake up the world…


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All covid vaccines should be immediately halted and recalled. The vaccine is the weapon

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