2021 05 08th – What are we up against ? not quite what you think.

What are we up against ?

Here is the enemy – Today, was chatting to a small group of men and I asked in passing – What do you think about Podesta ?  their reply – What’s a Podesta ?   Most of them attend a local church. but they and the pastors know all about which sports team won or lost. 

Most items here are short, but you should see Item 9 – Podesta trial and Item 11 here  But all items are very relevant today

1 – You saw last night Item 8 – Man walks out of Pharmacies with Vax Vials. Overnights them to Diagnastic Labs

Here is some information on that hero who walked away with the “free” vaccine to have it tested.  His name is Thomas Humphrey and goes by the Istagram name of 


He also belongs to the N.A.T.F. (National Action Task Force) Law Enforcement.  These are WATCHDOG PATRIOTS that “take care of business”, they do “Citizen’s Arrests”, which means the CITIZENS arrest Politicians, Mayors, Sheriffs, Judges etc and any other people of the Establishment who do NOT comply with the Constitution.  If their ‘Laws” are not Constitutional, then they are NOT Laws at all, including “mandadory” mask wearing, vaccines, fines, car Registration and MANY other so-called laws!  If they do this, they should all be ARRESTED.   So JOIN in this fight to get our FREEDOMS BACK!!

JOIN here…. https://national-taskforce.org/


2 – Last night you saw Item 12 – Who Will Survive the Vaccine Holocaust?

If not see it now, cos here is a short vid of common things to come. Vax zombie?  The video is entitled “man on drugs destroys Wal Mart” but the poster does not know that for sure. This looks like a total mad cow type malfunction – or has been vaxxed. He is clearly suffering. looks like he is heating up and looking for something to cool him down. Is he mumbling “Help me”?

If this type of thing starts happening near you, remember this video and item 12 last night.

3 – A light hearted look at Fauci Update – not so unlikely ? Qld Govt recently was searching at Luggage Point sewerage works looking for “covid” turds. 

4 – A medical team in Brazil decided to praise God and show the truth to stop fake news on TV, empty covid unit beds.

5 – Covid vaccines – what are they hiding?


6 – Covid 19 on Trial


7 – There is no Pandemic   A flyer to print and distribute

Click the pdf    There-is-NO-pandemic-4

8 – CNN’s ratings plunge further in post-Trump era

9 – Podesta Military Tribunal:  Military Trial quick and swift! Day 3 – GUILTY Death by FIRING SQUAD!! 


How fitting – A blast from the past from the movie Breaker Morant

10 – The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal

Beyond scams, would you eat this synthetic stuff?


11 – Jonathan Cahn’s Latest Prophetic Message – The Reign of Baal

He does not say all we wanna hear  but this is brilliant and more to come

24 – 2021 Jonathan Cahn The Reign of Baal in America

12 – US Army Sings Israeli National Anthem

Parts of the U.S. Army have long been a tool of international jewry, but this recent display of subservience is sickening to watch, so I cut it short



All covid vaccines should be immediately halted and recalled. The vaccine is the weapon

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