2021/04/23rd – This post is devoted to the greatest threat to everyone

This post is devoted to the greatest threat to everyone, rich or poor, free or slave, in history – Ignore it at your peril 

Grandma always said Don’t talk about what you don’t know –               Your opinion is useless if you have not investigated anything thoroughly.

1 – Mass-vaccination clinics have opened, but people are not showing up.

Sadly most who say they don’t want the vaxx do not realise the agenda behind it 


A warning to females 10 yrs to 50 – Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Babies Nappies, Face Masks and Test Kits, all coming from China are laced with the same parasitic worm thingos as shown on previous posts. The parasites, organic or robotic (whatever they may be) go into the brain. Do NOT shake hands with anyone who has been vaxxed. Every door handle they touch is infected. They should be put into tight quarantine for the next 3 years for being so arrogant or willingly misinformed, if they live that long. 

You still dunno what this is all about ??  see Item 6 – the destruction of the white race, children and all.

2 – If you take the vaccine you have 3 years to live

Many doctors a say the same including Dr Coleman

It is too late to save the vaxxed

3 – People have taken the vax – stay away from them

Nurse Sounds Alarm on Vaxx – 10yr Girls starting their periods, pets dying, just by being with the vaccinated.

4 – We are all at risk whether you believe it or not

5 – Terrible Covid Vaccine reactions world wide –

      Here are just a tiny few from 1000s  yet ill-Health Depts pretend

      nothing is seriously wrong, and not a peep from the pulpits.

6 – Suffer the little children – jabs for them too


I have removed Item 1 from the mail last night. It seems a bit sus – whoever created it has not allowed comments – the footage was old – A few other sites reported it but copied it word for word – Trump would not be going back to the White House anyway – so often we grab stuff we wanna hear, be it true or not. But here is a site full of good reasons why Trump may return… and Biden will be kicked out!




6 – Surely this was a Candid Camera set up ?

       Sadly, we all know people like this

7 – How many noticed this at the Tulsa Convention

TULSA Initiation invoking Satan! … We wonder why this Nation is vexed and cursed… because there are no men of God with discernment. The TULSA “Freedom and Health” event was touted as a Christian event, yet they start out the ceremony with a witch invoking Satan! – Is this also a fake or do we dismiss the bits we dont wanna hear about


8 – Exposing the enemy in jew Parliament

9 – A new video has been added to the DUMBs article

66 – DUMBs and Tunnels – Aust and NZ

10 – The Serpent RACE in the Bible

This is a deep dive and exposure of a real, literal RACE of Demonic Serpents or Reptilians among us from the Holy Scriptures.

46 – The Serpent Race in the Bible

11 -Who Exactly is Lucifer and why did he Oppose God?

48 – Who Exactly is Lucifer and why did he Oppose God?

12 – What Would Jesus Do?

…it’s a question many of us ask every day, in some sermons, on t-shirts, wristbands, etc. Asking this question should lead us to practice real Christianity and to live a more Christian lifestyle in line with the life of Jesus himself. But is this what we see happening? In this video, we go back to the time of Jesus to better understand how to answer the question: what would Jesus do?

38 – What Would Jesus Do


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