2021/04/22nd – President Trump returns on AF1


1 – President Trump returns on Air Force 1

this week in the secrecy of night. All will be revealed to the world very soon. Delta Force is the Elite branch of the army which has been protecting President Donald Trump over the past few months at the new White House Mar a Lago in Florida.
While the White House in Washington is slated either for demolition or turned into a Museum, things are unclear at this point. The only thing that is clear is that the White House is permanently closed and dark. The fake President Joe Biden has been conducting his press conferences between Castle Rock Studios in L.A. and Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.  Let’s pray this is not fake. That footage could/maybe be Trump landing for the Capitol Hill meeting ?    We will know soon.


2 – Absolute Interference by Mike Lindell.

This is the “whole” 2 hr. “Absolute Interference” by Mike Lindell that will show today on One America Network TV for the 1st time at 4:00 p.m.


3 – When Simple Simon says put your arm in the air, why do people do it ?

4- DID YOU KNOW  England began a strict compulsory smallpox vaccination program in 1867. Those refusing the vaccine were prosecuted. By 1871, 97.5 percent of people between the ages of two and fifty had been vaccinated. The following year, England experienced the worst smallpox epidemic in its history, with 44,840 deaths resulting.’


5 – Vaccines: Why Are People So Reckless?

Anny wrote – there is no hope for people like my sister.  I wrote to my sister and told her not to be vaccinated that it was just bad cold.  This is my sister’s reply

Oh Dear Anny – Don’t you watch the news and read how many people have died or have lingering side effects from COVID. Millions.  Surely you are more intelligent than to believe it is just a cold. You are so isolated from reality in NZ well away from the devastating effects and numbers of deaths in countries that took your attitude only because they were frightened of shutting the economy down etc to have to rapidly change thinking after so many citizens (HEALTHY) have died. I’m sorry I think you should stop.

Was Ray Stevens inspired by Jeremiah 5:21  ‘Hear this now, O foolish people, without understanding, who have eyes and see not, and who have ears and hear not:

Bob Dylan made his decision.   50 years rich and famous or eternal loss

Hope you like my little creation at the end of this video

I’m sure you can all identify with these following bleatings when iscussing the COVID vaccine with people who believe in it, who have already gotten it, and/or who plan to getting it. 

”I hate my life –I would be grateful to die from the vaccine – it can’t be worse then my life” a 50 year old male married computer engineer graduate degrees

“We all have to go sometime”  unknown woman 50s waiting in line at the pharmacy to get the COVID vaccine

“If its my time, then its my time I’m ready go” widowed attorney from University of Chicago 

“I don’t care if I die from COVID or the COVID vaccine – I’m just getting the vaccine so I don’t spread it to other people–a courtesy.” – woman unmarried, 45 years old hispanic teacher. 

“Only a very small percentage die or have side-effects from the vaccine, but there is a bigger risk of dying from COVID.  So, it’s worth it to me to take the risk.  I already go my first shot.” 70 year old male unmarried attorney 

”I got the shot !  No mask.  I had to go out of my way to get my husband and I the shot. We drove to another county because its so packed with long lines in Los Angeles.” – 60 something year old woman married, educated Middle Easterner.   One week later, I run into this same woman in the park walking my dog and she is wearing a mask. “I thought I wouldn’t have to wear the mask anymore, but now they are saying we still have to wear the mask. I got the shot because I was under the impression it would protect me from getting COVID and passing COVID, but evidently that is not the case. I don’t know why I got the shot. Do you think the vaccine is dangerous ?” My Reply: ”Yes, I think people who got the shot will be dead in six months to a year.” The woman just wandered away from me in a state of disbelief and dissociation.   Another woman in her 60s was in ear shot and she said “thats not true, the vaccines are safe and they work.”

Well we will see in one year who was right.  How come no one has collected this? Millionaire offers $1.2 M reward to anyone providing an isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus


6 – Putin speech  4 April 2021


7 – 5G installer in the UK exposed the 5G hardware itself contains a “COV-19” Chip?

from 2019


8 – Managing covid-19 with Ivermectin.



9 – Irish Government Admits COVID-19 is a Fake Hoax Scam which DOES NOT EVEN EXIST

10 – COVID-19 Vaccines OFFICIALLY Kill 10,000 in Europe and USA, Pfizer number 1 Culprit yet AstraZeneca is Persecuted


11 – Radiation Effects of Mobile Phones and Tablets on the Skin: A Systematic Review


and despite such evidence, people still cling to their beloved smartass phones.



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