2021/04/17th – Do you Still call Australia – Home ?

 1 – Blue masks from the Chemist – pay, wear and throw away ??

2 – Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB) shuts down Serene Teffaha

Until two days ago, Melbourne lawyer Serene Teffaha represented thousands of clients who joined her class actions against the Victorian government. The class actions sought injunctions to restrain Victorian government authorities from imposing lockdowns and harassing and intimidating citizens under cover of the alleged COVID-19 crisis (read “scandal”).

On 14 April 2021 the Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB) cancelled Serene’s practicing certificate and prohibited her from working, effective immediately. It is not clear what allegations, if any, VLSB made against Serene. Its notice of decision includes its finding that Serena is “unable to fulfil the inherent requirements of an Australian legal practitioner”. No reasons are stated in the notice of decision.

VLSB declared Serene a “disqualified person” and appointed another lawyer to manage her legal practice. It is reasonable to think that the VLSB appointee is a person palatable to the Victorian government. Serene’s class action clients, who originally were assured that their identities would not be revealed, now will be named to the VLSB-appointed lawyer. Class action clients now reasonably fear that the VLSB-appointee may reveal their names to the defendant Victorian government authorities.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is assisting the VLSB in freezing Serene’s access to her firm’s accounts and transferring management of her and her clients’ assets to the VLSB-appointee. Lawyers don’t like speaking to people outside Uni Degrees. Serene wants to follow up and still help but the Treasonous Australian Courts make it a criminal offence for anybody other than a Lawyer of their Court to represent you.

Serene still refers to Common Law. This was removed by the Political Parties when they took ownership of the Governor-General in 1960. By removing the Queen’s  representative the Political Parties have circumvented the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, = Treason therefore the people have no rights and no Constitution.  

Then again in the Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act 1988 (Cth) Act No. 120 of 1988 which amended Section 80, Common Law to Govern.
replacing “common law of England” with “common law in Australia”. Political Parties definition of their statutory Australia created by and for them in 1973, therefore all rights removed in Political Party Australian Courts. Slowly the Political Parties have taken over BUT are alien to OUR Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

That’s why there are two High Courts of Australia. One for Political Parties together with the Australia Act 1986 and the other under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, which is still there as there hasn’t been a Referendum writ by a Governor-General with Crown Authority to change OUR Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 since 1960.

Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is a Common Law of England contract and Clause 5 Binds all. The Political Parties, The Constitution together with the Australia Act 1986 does NOT consolidate the Preamble and the Clauses, therefore NO Crown and Constitutional Authority.

The Australia Act 1986 is for the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation and we the people voted in 1900 to become a Constitutional Monarchy and again in 1999 we voted to stay as a Constitutional Monarchy. The Political Parties Australian Courts under the Australia Act 1986 is TOTAL TREASON.

3 – “Jesus loves me” is too offensive ?? 

4 – Egypt seizes the Ever Given, saying its owners owe nearly $1 billion for Suez Canal traffic jam 


5 – It’s only China.  Don’t worry, 

You know that if it’s made in China it probably doesn’t work well or won’t last long ?   They have copied the US Navy with their coloured crew tops 

6 – Vaxx victims world Wide 6 mins compilation

7 – Summary of Covid Vaccine Death & Injuries 28 March 2021

    PDF  click to open  2021.03.28 Summary of Covid Vaccine Death & Injuries 37pgs

8 – Nurses hold your ground, stand strong, reject vaccine mandate

9 – Global targeting programme Australia

and stalker admitting getting paid by the government to stalk

10 – Another USA State Ditches Mask Mandate


11 – 35,000 Soldiers Died from the Experimental Anthrax Vaccine

More Than Those Who Died in Combat   A long vid worth saving


12 – Penguin escapes killer whales


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