The Precarious Duplicity of the Republican Apparatus in Georgia, and Here Comes Trump

To quote from a movie line: “they kill them with their love”… An unfortunate metaphor for how Mitch McConnell and the republican regime, Decepticons, stay in power.

Essentially, Georgia voters are presented with a hostile scenario.  A Machiavellian republican apparatus that will not fight against voter fraud on behalf of the voters because GOPe leadership are in alignment with UniParty (Big Club) political interests.

As an outcome Georgia Governor Brian Kemp does nothing but talk about the horrors of the 2020 election fraud, and does nothing.  Meanwhile Kemp says everything must be done to protect the two republican Senate candidates.

  • December 7th – Final Day for Georgia Voter Registration
  • December 14th – Three weeks of early in-person voting begins
  • January 7th – Election day (Polls close 7pm)

MAGA-minded patriots are facing an option where they do not want to support the duplicity of a transparently corrupt GOPe apparatus; yet if they do not show up en masse to support party candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler they will be turning over control of the U.S. Senate to democrats. 

This dynamic is an all too familiar position within the cycle of abuse. A dynamic that has kept Senate Leader Mitch McConnell in power.

“If you love what remains of your country you will support us”… so says the abuser.  “If you don’t, you will speed your own destruction”….. “and don’t blame me”, the message continues.

Yes, the establishment Republican apparatus knows exactly how to play this game and constitutional conservatives are once again in that exact same situation.

Into this foray comes President Donald Trump today…  Both Loeffler and Perdue are counting on the enthusiasm of outsider President trump to pull them to victory.  Yet at the same time those two candidates refuse to mount an attack against a state election system that ended with a transparently fraudulent result.

In essence Perdue and Loeffler are counting on the citizen outsider to get them inside a system that rebukes the ideological independence of a citizen outsider.  FUBAR:

The Republican National Committee will host a Victory Rally in Valdosta, Georgia today at 7:00 PM EST. This MAGA rally will feature remarks from President Donald J. Trump, Senator David Perdue, Senator Kelly Loeffler, candidate for Public Service Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, and other Republicans.

Apparently Kemp doesn’t realize that he is governor and can execute an executive order and call-up a special legislative session…. or something. [/SARC]

If Democrats win control of the U.S. senate they will eliminate the 60 vote threshold for legislative passage, likely pack the Supreme Court with additional justices, and most certainly change parliamentary rules to fully execute a massive and widespread regulatory agenda.

With Democrats holding power, Republicans will happily change the color of the flag atop the Senate spire and drop back to their all too familiar process of sending out fundraising calls promising to reverse all of the damage if voters will just fatten their checkbooks.

Thus the cycle of battered conservative syndrome continues.

As CTH has said since inception, there is only one way out of this mess.  Accept the UniParty as a functional one-party apparatus within Washington DC, and start getting serious about a genuine Second Party.

A MAGA inspired party would not be a literal third party because there is currently only one party in Washington DC.  Thankfully, a larger portion of the American electorate is now awake to a situation that has existed since long before Donald Trump entered the political arena.  Heck, THAT REALITY of a singular globalist/Wall Street ideology is the entire reason why Donald Trump ran for office in the first place.

As of this writing the indefatigable leader of the MAGA movement gathered 74 million votes for his re-election, and still climbing. Subtract the fraudulent and manipulated ‘mail-in’ ballots from the Biden operation and you have a reality of 74 million MAGA army members staring toward an opposition front containing battalions of cardboard cutouts.

No amount of media spin is going to change the reality of that political landscape.

Regardless of whether Donald Trump’s legal arsenal is able to overcome the entrenched media operations drum-beating a deafening noise to distract from the 2020 fraud, that MAGA army is solidly behind our leader.

If President Trump takes that army into a new political party of his choosing, that new party is structurally set to lay waste to any candidate within both wings of the Democrat and Republican assembly.  A Trump inspired new political party can wipe out the illusion of the Democrat/Republican two-party system; specifically because much of the Trump movement consists of former democrats and brand new voters.

The MAGA coalition is the most diverse, widest and deepest part of the entire American electorate. President Trump’s Main Street army consists of every creed, color, race, gender, ethnicity and orientation. It is a truly color-blind coalition of middle America patriots and middle-class voters that cuts through the political special interest groups.

Quite simply Trump’s MAGA army is the ultimate political splitter party.

No Republican will ever hold office in the next decade without the blessing of President Trump; and there is absolutely no reason to believe President Trump will not lay waste to the system if the GOP acquiesces to the transparent fraud that exists behind the Biden-Harris sham.

Beyond the politics… this 74 million vote assembly are consumers of products, goods and services generated by the same elites that hold them in contempt.  If President Trump transfers and directs that energy corporations can be wiped out.

There is no precedent here.  Seventy-four to one-hundred million angry Americans resolved to a common objective is not something to be trifled with.

We do not yet know where this current political crisis and ongoing battle is going to end; but we do know that 74,000,000+ Americans will not accept the outcome of a political process transparently filled with fraud and manipulation. That makes President Trump a very dangerous entity to the DC system, regardless of whether they admit what surrounds them.

There is no reference point for a hundred-million Americans being disenfranchised by Wall Street, bribery, corporations, media and big tech. That army is fuel for a stunning and cataclysmic shift in the American landscape.

MAGA, Bitches… Trump because F**K YOU, is a very powerful force!

and the rebel alliance is ready.


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