China’s Nuclear Ambitions, White Intel, the Fourth Estate, and the Dark Ages

China’s first nuclear reactor using Hualong One tech … photo

[Editor’s note: a selection of notes from G5]

by G5

I have previously written how Biden and Obama are owned by China’s nuclear power operations, through covert investments in The US. From where they also sold US military technology to China. HRC’s Uranium One escapades, and the yet not fully exposed activities of Mueller and Comey in Eurasia, pale in comparison to the National Security offenses of The Biden-Obama Gang.

China’s Nuclear Operations

On 1 November 2008, CNNC (China National Nuclear Corporation) began construction of its Hualong One, four reactor plant, on the coast of Xinghua Bay, near Qianxue Village, Sanshan Town, Fujian Province. The very aptly named; precariously positioned; Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant. Commissioned on 22 November 2014; not last week as propaganda media just advised.

If you thought; Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima; and the ones you weren’t told about; except primarily by this writer, including; Camp Century, Gulf of Mexico, Scotland, Maralinga, Montebello, Emu Field, Bikini, Algeria, Iraq, Christmas, Muruoa, Fangataufu, Pr. Edward (Vela), New Mexico, Subic Bay, Eurasian, and the Mediterranean, dumps and contaminations, were concerning; wait until the world is exposed to China. Forget; Seveso, Bhopal, Toyama, Minimata, OK Tedi, Savannah River Project, Sydney Harbour Artesian, etc. Does your Chinese watch work.

And the soft of brain and ill-informed are concerned about North Korea and Iran.

Apart from The Rainbow Warrior Affair, there are litanies of murders including Cousteau and his son.

China dealing with the totalitarian EU; as it has control of UN agencies, and the massive Climate Change economic fraud; also controls the EU Utilities Requirements Organization. Expect Chinese junk nuclear technology to appear in the EU and the US. Don’t expect outrages from bought environmental and sacred land clowns, as for other projects, as the massive BNSF OK Pipeline Rail Fraud.

Interestingly: the 2020 orchestrations of The Proletariat Uprisings (Fifth Column); functioned by ANTIFA and BLM; didn’t bite as theorised. Even with The Defund Police Scenario, and The Fourth Estate Capture.

Although Russia supplies energy to North Korea, Iran, The EU, and China; The Sino-Russian relationship is not based on any trust. The disguised Sino-US War still rages. Syria concerned Russia blocking US pipelines from Qatar through the Mediterranean to the EU, in contradiction to Russian Nord Stream. The US lost. Traded for Golan-Genie and Leviathan. The three main Russian lines through Afghanistan are on the agreement involving the US (Monsanto-Bayer-Academi) poppy fields and manufacturing facilities.

At this stage, The North-South Korea Unification has stalled due to South Korea not wanting an East Germany scenario, nor the loss of the buffer with China.

Bad US Foreign Policy decisions, also broke the preferred Iraq buffer to Iran. Compounded by further disastrous decisions concerning Libya and Syria.

White Intel

Trump has again begun listening to White Intel.

He removed James Anderson from The Pentagon, prior to last week’s turd flush. At which time he not only fired Mark Esper, but all his Deep State Defence advisory board of hidden characters. Which included; Henry Kissinger (the real Deep Throat, and for which John Belushi was murdered), Madeleine Albright, Eric Cantor, David McCormick, Jamie Gorelick, Robert Joseph, J.D.Crouch II, and Franklin Miller.

Kissinger being a CCP double agent known from the 60s.

The histories of Kissinger and Albright alone should have had them decorating the yardarm, decades ago. Indeed: there should have been a shortage of space by now including; The JFK Coup players, as well as McCain III, The Clintons, The Bidens, The Obama Gang, and many more.

Treason and Espionage are not washed by Pardons and Immunities per se. If they do; those who issued them are co-conspirators.

Social Media’s Role

Zuck and his interesting wife Priscilla Chan, formed and funded a front named; The New Organising Institute, to train Dem. digital fraudsters.

It in turn gave over $400 million to their founded; Centre for Tech and Civic Life; to employ over 2,500 Election Officers. Who in turn employed, funded, trained, and organized; Poll Workers, Ballot Box Managers (excesses in Dem districts, closed centres in GOP districts), acquire (harvest) mail-ins including equipment, supplies, and logistics (glaringly over six million frauded votes through Fulton County CA and similar activities in five WI cities alone.)

Zuck and cohorts have violated, local, state, and federal laws by fraudulent election activities, including, ballot harvesting, paying political activists to manage ballots, consolidate counting centres, move and count ballots without supervision and observation, among other criminal offenses.

A cornerstone 21 August 2020 agreement has been presented (good old Intel) as evidence concerning Zuck fronts and the City of Philadelphia, where $10 million was paid to effectively disenfranchise GOP voters and pay judges. YES. Very clever.

In the real world s.230, and perjury are now the least of Zuck’s concerns. Biden would wear out his pardon pen, and dramatically destroy the future of The US and indeed the entire West.

The Fourth Estate

The lawyerized Social Media delusions of The Fourth Estate are now even more outrageously flexing their cheeks. On the heels of puerile performances under committee questioning: they are censoring and propagandizing The Election Steal, as the masters of all being fit for The People.

I reiterate again: the jaws of Communist Dictatorship for the entire West, did not need to be a fight at this time; had Trump acted in 2017, on that for which he was elected. Mr. Mafia for the Freedoms of The West, was preferred to Mr. Statesman Nice Guy. Those latter attributes have naturally been read as weakness.

Dorsey and The Zuck will be dealt with in due course. Not only the duplicity of Publisher or Platform but that of the ownership of names and titles. As I have written: s230 triggering a demolition of Big Tech; part II; will deliver the internal ructions which will civilize them.


The recount in PA was a sham. And The PA Supreme Court thought that the sham was fine.

The lack of transparency in itself speaks volumes of the fraud. If someone claims all they do is correct: why lie and hide.

All the various actions are winding up to SCOTUS; as was that plan. The main suit was always to collect the effluent from the lower Dem courts, and present the evidence to SCOTUS to decertify the election.

The Third World Communist Fraud was not limited to the swing states. All of which were won by Trump. As evidenced by the Dominion servers taken by Intel from the Frankfurt fraud centre.

Alt Media fools should refrain from posturing it was the US Military that conducted the raid. If you don’t know, don’t fictionalize. And The Pentagon did not confirm. As I wrote: it was a large contingent of Hard Intel from four main agencies, who then returned to a particular embassy, and then left Germany. The servers are held in a nation that participated, but not the US.

To posture a military force; seal team or special ops. nonsense or otherwise; infers an act of war. Aside from US National Security. Not even alleged NATO allies acting unilaterally.

Please do not reference the Bin Laden event; which did not occur. Recall the limpets attached to two tankers in The Persian Gulf, and the two separate engine room fires. About which I have written. The various tanker bumps in The China Seas and The Persian Gulf, are immaterial. Again: focussed by the uninformed expert speculators of AltMedia posturing to their captured, uninformed audiences.

Unless The German Military were part of the exercise in Frankfurt, there would be diplomatic problems. Even so. But then the matter would be leaked. Germany has many interests contrary to those of the US and the Free West. Hard Intel; particularly in the Western coalition (not Fveys; destroyed by Downer), only could act, before the evidence was destroyed.

Currently, in the pending decertification action before SCOTUS, an order will be sought to subpoena the Dominion servers. Which: as in the Weiner and Hunter Biden laptop affairs, are already captured. Otherwise, they would never appear.

As Brennan’s CIA hack and attempted fraud of the 2016 election, was hit on the night, The Frankfurt Raid occurred the morning following the election, before the mail-ins were fed in, leaving them isolated. This is how we know that Trump had the known 295 ECVs at the close of counting, but actually, 410, and Biden was correctly nowhere on the radar.

The fraud also affecting House and Senate seats are countered by Trump using Executive Orders and Vetoing, to protect The Constitution and The People.

The issue is Election Integrity: Paramount to the legitimacy of The Presidency. Paramount to the US not leading the entire West into Communist Dictatorships. 

The Obama SitCom was the lowest point of US presidential legitimacy. The damage remains stark. There is no need to fall further below that depth.

Should another fake Impeachment be postured to be fed up to The Senate; it needs to be hit by Intel at the alleged investigation stages. Trump’s monumental errors of judgment in 2017, cannot be repeated. If 2017 had been correctly run through its course, the current insanity; and indeed the pathetic Left theatre of the past four years; would never have been visited.

The Communists and allied insane, focussed on election numbers to fraud the system. But there is much more at stake; for the entire West; than a small minority of deranged who, ad hominem, do not like Trump.

The Dems in The GA Senate Runoff on 5 January 2021, are already gloating they hold some 840,000 mail-ins in their favour. How do they know, and how did this happen. No GOP votes. Does that seem strange?

A free and impartial election, where the vast majority voted transparently for Biden. REALLY!

In passing: Champagne Bernie was paid handsomely to coral the far left and take them down, twice. Why aren’t the various leftists fighting for the rights in the Third World of those they pretend to represent? Why are the efforts of these elitists, dedicated to destroying the US? Look at who believes them, and their numbers.

Me Authority, You Obey

New York’s Cuomo has been put back in his box by SCOTUS, concerning the right to practice religion.

Whitmer in Michigan is being impeached. Other authoritarian junkies are being recalled.

Not that these practitioners of deception, administer the law, or even care for their charges. The issue is essentially: Me Authority; You Obey. The destroyer of all freedoms. Deep State Governments spend their funds, and all they can steal from The People, to bring themselves to power, destroy the socio-economic fabric of The People, steal whatever remains, and never improve the lot of those who stupidly trusted them.

The China Virus has been weaponized by the Elites of Power Addiction. Reality is not an issue. Totalitarian Conformity requires blind allegiance to those who posture authority. Deceptions can always be garnered as having provenance, with the carriage of polished turds being a Fourth Estate specialty.

The reality is always hidden and diverted. The attempts to subdue by information media converted to censorship, distortion, and gross Propaganda. The articulation of the captured Fourth Estate. The artificially disguised Fifth Column to bludgeon moral submission, as a delusional acceptance of a path to peace and normalcy. As the strangulation flows through its journey.

The Dark Ages

The current battle in the US is to prevent The Dark Ages from overcoming the West and effectively Civilization. But the clock marches.

The hinges of Civilization; however flawed; have had their bridges burnt.

There is no personality politics. It is the owners and handlers of the dark forces rising to control, as has been variously prosecuted for over a century. The fraud and its desperations could not have been more stark. It is virtually the entire slime in all its permutations, combinations, and manifestations against Humanity and Civilization.

It is not a situation of reversal at subsequent elections. The die-cast is permanent. The deception had to occur at this point in history and in the US, and it had to have been facilitated through a massively fraudulent election, to wrench the power base, primarily observant to the principles that have maintained the advance of Western Civilization.

The perception of moving forward against the wrongs of a past. The perception in the light of the clear history that disavows the alleged mythical advances. The mobilization of forces of some numbers as to personal gains, vengeance, and resentment. The blatant and desperate manipulation that the fraud and following hidden devastations are the will of numbers that would never commit themselves to such an end.

A usurpation, subjugation, entrapment, and devastation.

A historical turn in Civilization, that can never be retraced.


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