Shane Dowling’s 2020 Book Should Be Mandatory in Law Schools

(L) NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller (C) Shane Dowling, Photo: (R) Sarah McNaughton, Commonwealth Director of Publoc Prosecutions, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

This is a brief review and endorsement of Shane Dowling’s book, Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket (self-published, 2020). It will help every practicing attorney in Australia. Shane is known for having spent time in jail twice for contempt of court. That was time spent to the benefit of us all – citizens, lawyers, lawmakers, and judges.

Let me give just one of many examples of a point of law that I managed to learn nothing about during law school – I’ll call it “carriage abuse.” It appears in this typical Shane Dowling email, dated May 20, 2019:

Dear Ms Sarah McNaughton – Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and Mick Fuller – NSW Police Commissioner

Just after 12pm on Wednesday the 15th of May 4 NSW police officers visited my residence and tried to harass, bully and intimidate me into stop reporting on my website and social media why I was in jail last year for contempt of court and also to stop complaining about Justice Clifton Hoeben.

From the conversation I had that day I take it that Detective James Gatward had been in contact with the CDPP before the police visited me and he was there representing the CDPP to some degree as well.

I was jailed last year for 4 months as I was found guilty of calling Justice Clifton Hoeben a paedophile and Registrar Christopher Bradford a suspected paedophile and known bribe-taker when I was in court on the 3rd of February 2017. I was also jailed for breaching suppression orders twice by writing articles reporting on why I had been charged with contempt of court.

Some of the things that were said to me by Detective James Gatward on the 15/5/19 were: I needed to stop writing emails to the court calling Justice Clifton Hoeben a paedophile and bribe-taker and if I don’t stop I could be charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence (s 474.17 – Criminal Code Act 1995).

I (Mary Maxwell), had never heard of using a carriage service … to cause offence. Sure sounds quaint. Horse and carriage and all that, though the law has probably been amended to include satellite transmissions.

This email goes on to say:

Detective Gatward said words to the effect that he didn’t want to have to come back and take my computer etc. It was a blatant attempt to intimidate me.

I said the police charge in 2017 was a malicious charge as it was political communication protected by the 1997 High Court judgment Lange v ABC and Detective Gatward said it wasn’t. How would he know?

Detective Gatward confirmed he knew I still had matters before the court that Justice Hoeben was dealing with. On that basis alone Detective Gatward should not have been telling me what I can and can’t say about Justice Hoeben as it could and would be construed as an attempt to interfere in the administration of justice by attempting to intimidate me as a party to the matters that are still in court and as a witness in the matters.

(Etc, several more pages.)

Note for law students: Shane Dowling wrote an earlier book, Love Letters from the Bar Table that you will want to read.  Just ask your university library to obtain a copy.

The Honey Case

As an investigative journalist – which he certainly is – Shane Dowling uncovered alleged cheating by a producer of honey, Capilano, saying it was not genuine honey. For publishing about this, he was sued for defamation – which he labels a SLAPP suit.

(This be a truly important concept in law, though I have never heard of a critic being saved by it.  The acronym stands for “Strategic lawsuit against public participation.” Many is the large corporation that can deep pocket an ordinary soul from effective court action. It is a disgusting practice.)

Incidentally, I might mention that another whistleblower, Tom Muller, investigated a fake honey product, and this led to his writing an extremely valuable book, Crisis of Conscience (2019). It contains an explanation of qui tam lawsuits and ways for whistleblowers to receive financial rewards, not punishment, from the US government.


Although the title of Shane’s book is Australia’s Pedophile Racket, the author does little to illuminate the racket involved, other than to cite instances – many instances – of NSW judges letting a pedo off the hook with a minor sentence. This does not really tell us how sex trafficking operates in Australia – something I have been dying to find out (see my book Deliverance: A Royal Commission and Pizzagate Reveal Society’s Hidden Controllers.).

Come to think of it, Australia’s four-year Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse didn’t shed much light. It kept harping (importantly) on the fact that the schools, the sport clubs, the churches, the Navy cadets’ trainers, and so forth turned a blind eye to the abuse, and thereby let it flourish.  But I don’t recall much questioning of the why of all that.

Shane Dowling has pointed to sex-with-children as being an upper-class plaything. He never says so but, after all, his beef is with the judges who have made it to the top of the crop in the profession known (perhaps wistfully?) as “the law.” Also, the fact that judges are sworn in by vice-regals may hint at a nod of approval towards pedophilia from the governor’s mansion.

The Power of One

I daresay, Shane Dowling has cracked thru the great wall, all on his own. He is an angry schoolboy and you can’t shut him up.  Nor can you get him to learn the courtesies of the court – thank God. As you peruse this book, you will feel that all other writers on the subject of court corruption have failed to show what a good schoolyard brawl can show.

Granted, there are many courtesies that are appropriate, in courts that are actually honorable.  You won’t find anyone more assertive than myself as to the importance of treating any judge, any courtroom, and the law itself as sacred. (See my Fraud Upon the Court: Reclaiming the Law, Joyfully.)

The law is our way of living peaceably. Law is a great, great thing.  But when you have judges mocking the law and mocking the people, it is actually wrong – a sin – to cover it up with silly “etiquette.”

Shane Tells Them Off

Here is another Shane-being-Shane. He emailed the court as follows (abridged), to express exasperation that he was sent a notice on a Friday to appear in court the next Monday:

Dear Chief Justice Bathurst, Justice Davies, and Registrar Bradman,

…why it has not been set down with at least 30 days notice for a directions hearing …. I find very disturbing.  Why is Capilano honey…getting favorable treatment? Is major shareholder Kerry Stokes bribing judges again?

The super-injunction/suppression orders issued on Friday the 7th of October have been ignored [by Shane, indignantly]. Some of the reasons they were illegally issued are:

    1. The hearing was an unjustified ex parte hearing (secret hearing) which I was not informed of.
    2. …what it really was: private communication between one party and the judge. A we know, private communication is a very serious contempt of court [and could be a crime of perversion of the course of justice]
    3. … the articles complained of raise health issues and are in the public interest which makes all [suppression] orders null and void…


Read the book. It is self-published – natch – but available at Amazon and a few other places. I paid $35.00 USD for it at

Ms Sidney Powell

But for the voice, and the idiom, Dowling’s book is not unlike that of the newly-famous American prosecutor, Ms Sidney Powell. She is the author of Licensed to Lie.  Good title, very accurate, in regard to her one-time employer the US Department of Justice.

As you read through each chapter, when Powell is at her best, screaming, you can only ask “How have we let the DoJ get away with blatant dishonesty for so long?”

Who knows, with an angry Australian and an angry Seppo telling it like it is, reform may be at hand!

The Kangaroo Situation

For further information about Shane’s book(s), see his website, proudly named

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You go, Aussie journo.



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