Watch Live — Pelosi unhinged press conference declaring ‘We have a mandate!’…

YES, prosecute and execute all traitors, Rinos, Deep State, and Democrats. No pardons, no excuses, no mercy, no 20 years on death row, immediate execution after conviction. The evidence has been clear for many years, a corrupted government, a worthless DOJ, corrupt compromised AGs, a treasonous FBI, CIA, etc have CONSPIRED and COLLUDED to suppress and destroy evidence, charge and convict innocent people, in order to cover up the crimes and treason the filth in government have been committing. They must be executed, prison is too lenient, too costly, too much of a slap in the face of decent Americans, the death penalty must apply and be used to clean the filth from government. Election fraud is TREASON, TERRORISM, a HATE crime, and a violation of all decent citizen’s Civil Rights! Prosecute and Execute all involved. No mercy.


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