Donald Trump Praises Organic Parades: I’m ‘Honored’ to Be Part of this Movement

President Donald Trump on Monday said he was honored by the massive crowds of supporters sweeping the nation ahead of Election Day.

One reporter asked Trump whether he was nervous about any part of Election Day the following morning.

Trump recalled that he experienced the same spirit in 2016, but that the energy for his campaign was now so much stronger and the crowds were bigger.

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“Nobody has ever seen this before and, you know, I’m honored to be a part of it,” Trump said.

The president singled out the organic rallies and parades of support across the country as a symbol of the movement.

“Even the organic — you know, where they have 100 miles of cars, where they have thousands of tractors, where they have 6,000 boats in a lake or in the ocean or in a canal,” he said. “Nobody has ever seen this before.”

“I’m just a part of it,” Trump continued. “I’m a representative of it, but I’m really just a part of it, and I’m really honored by it.”

The president spoke to reporters prior to his rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin – his fourth rally of the day.

Tens of thousands of supporters showed up for his political rallies earlier in the day in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Traverse City, Michigan.

The president will conclude his final campaign rally before Election Day in Grand Rapids, Michiga, tonight.


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