“The World That I See Today”: Sanity, Her Son, and the Credulous

I have recently completed a large painting (oil on canvas), exploring the emotional and spiritual side of mandatory masks, and what they symbolize. Visual art can serve as a medium to express sentiments from an angle that cannot be achieved verbally. (Jordan Henderson)


This painting is the culmination of a long, careful, visual exploration of the world that I see today, the world that I see when I go to get groceries, or run an errand.

The mundane world only looks boring because we are used to it, we see it everyday, but the prosaic has never been more than a deceptively simple facade for a fascinating place where nearly everything we do has spiritual, and ethical significance.

Often we must observe the everyday world with great care to perceive these things, but sometimes they surface in an obvious manner.

Imagine throwing dust on an otherwise invisible person, masks are like that; power struggles, and beliefs are now proclaimed, for all to see, with a prominent symbol.

Link to the painting webpage.

Oil on Canvas – 30 x 48 inches


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Jordan Henderson is a renowned artist from Washington State. He works in oil on canvas and charcoal on paper. A portfolio of his works can be viewed at jordanhendersonfineart.com