The Bloom is Off The Ruse – Ivanka Trump Draws Larger Crowd Than President Obama in Florida…

If the support levels for campaign surrogates is any evidence of support levels for the top of the ticket candidates then President Trump is about to crush Joe Biden in Florida.

Biden’s biggest name campaign surrogate, former President Barack Obama, was campaigning today in Orlando; a massive geographic metropolis with a significant population (over 2.5 million) eligible to attend the rally.  Meanwhile Ivanka Trump was campaigning in Sarasota, a much smaller area with a population of only ¹433,000.

[The population of Sarasota, ¹the entire county, is six times smaller than Orlando.]

Despite the difference in population, a massive crowd shows up to see Ivanka Trump (in a small market), and only about 100 people showed up to see former President Obama (in a major market).  That is quite a contrast. LOOK:

Compare the audience for Ivanka Trump above, with the audience for former President Barack Obama below (note: video added for fairness):

However, in fairness for the former president, Obama shouldn’t feel too badly about his bloom being off the ruse, because Joe Biden himself could only draw about two dozen supporters during his Georgia campaign stop today.

AND… Once again more Trump supporters showed-up to overwhelm the Biden presence in Georgia.  GREAT JOB Wolverines !!


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