IA Talks Ep 1: Gold standard premiers and elections galore

In a new podcast series, Independent Australia founder and director Dave Donovan and managing editor Michelle Pini chat about the news, the world of politics and the meaning of life, and invite special guests to get brutally honest about everything.

Heading this week’s discussion are former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s petition, the scandal surrounding the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ coronavirus response and the Canberra, New Zealand and Queensland elections. This week also features a special guest appearance by NSW Premier Gladys Bereftoclues interviewed by David Skynews.

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Written and presented by Michelle Pini and David Donovan. You can follow managing editor Michelle Pini on Twitter @vmp9 and IA founder and director Dave Donovan on Twitter @davrosz. Follow Independent Australia on Twitter @independentaus and on Facebook HERE.

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