All The Perfumes of the World Cannot Disguise the Stench

Obama standing in for Biden

by G5

[Editor’s note: I received a call from G5 this morning saying that both Biden and Harris were under protective custody for their safety — to avoid any mishap that might be blamed on the Trump White House. It was also interesting to note that Google Trends, a website that tracks what people are searching for in the Google search engine, reported  that the phrase, “Can you change your vote?” skyrocketed immediately after the second presidential debate.]

Witness Protection

Harris is in “Witness Protection” Custody, after her disaster against Pence. The posturing next President is in protection, concerning her true history as DA of San Francisco, AG of California, behaviour as a Senator, links to The Pelosi-Newsom-Feinstein Crime Families, and The Biden Crime Family.

The alleged recent rallies concerning Harris, Biden, and the resurfaced Obama, are fake.

It appears that certain interests have taken offense. Joe, of course, is again hiding in his basement.

Both monumental fraudsters are being exposed as representing nothing beyond the interests of themselves, their handlers, and owners. Reliant on a massive electoral fraud to sweep them to office and control of the West. They will be rewarded with the results of; Brekinridge against Lincoln, Stevenson against Eisenhower, Dukakis against GHWB, Humphrey and McGovern against Nixon, and HRC against Trump.

All the perfumes of the world, cannot disguise the stench of the Democratic Party. From Institutionalized Racism to unbridled corruption. The contemporary Trump Brand, is only the means. Video here and here.

[Assassination] Attempts have been made against Joe Biden. Some real, some False Flag. Those of that persuasion would hardly be beyond their sacrificing their own, should they envisage a gain.

Whitmer’s False Flag kidnapping, was her diversion for being left at the altar by Biden’s Owners, and savaged by her own Michigan Supreme Court. Among other disguised attachments.

The Laptop From Hell

The FBI had Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro, and a hard drive on 9/12/2019, following a subpoena served on the repair shop. Hunter had left the computer for repair on 12/4/2019. Not in April 2020, when it was allegedly dumped there. Nothing was done. A parallel to the 2016 HRC Email Affair.

The FBI Director who arranged for this evidence confiscation; after being advised; was Christopher Wray. To be fired at the end of 2020, over many indiscretions, during his tenure at The FBI. A parallel to The Comey Affair.

The computer and drive have already been downloaded by White Light Intel prior to the FBI 7th. Floor Mafia, gaining access. The devices were personally left at the shop by Hunter Biden, who signed the repair docket. He was not in California 3,000 miles away, but twelve minutes away hiding in one of his father’s houses. He had absconded during child maintenance proceedings where he filed fraudulent evidence.

Apart from the $1.5 billion from The Bank of China link, the Burisma Directorship Affair, the $3.5 million from the Moscow Mayor’s wife, Joe’s quid pro quo having the Hunter Biden Ukrainian prosecutor sacked, the $5 million non-payable pretend loan by the Chinese Communist Party to the Biden Family, the Kazakystan Affair, there were also links to Joe’s brothers Frank and James. There is evidence that not only did Joe know all that he did, has lied about in Huntergate, but was also ‘The Big Guy’ referred to in the communications, and Indian Fraudster Kamala Harris is mentioned as a lead contact. As well as evidence that Hunter had a penchant for ‘molesting’ young Chinese children.

In October 2016 HRC’s Presidential aspirations were destroyed by Weiner’s computer. In October 2020 Joe Biden’s Presidential aspirations are destroyed by Huntergate.

The DNC put forward the deeply corrupt and baggage laden, insane HRC. And the exact failed formula was repeated in 2020.

[embedded content]

The Entertainment Section. The insane won’t leave her to dissolve back into the slime, so why should the sane. Video.

They all like being other people. Bipolarity is a polite explanation.

Bill Clinton is Bill Blythe. Hillary Clinton is Hillary Blythe. Barack Obama is Barry Soetoro. Michelle Obama is Michael Lavaughn Robinson. Eric Holder is Lou Alcindor. Loretta Lynch is Elizabeth Carlisle. Victoria Nuland (Kagan) is Victoria Nudelman. Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger.

Most of those on the Dem joker’s list, have also been adjusted on fake Wikipedia. It helps block the young generation from finding the truth behind the postured heroes of deception.

The problems are far deeper than initially might be perceived. We find ourselves arguing with people who actually believe the stupidities they are articulating. When simple independent studying, will deliver truth for them. [Video. And Nancy Pelosi.]

The forthcoming election has nothing to do with liking or disliking Brand Trump. The outcome has grave consequences for the entire West.

Trump Brand

Trump was sounding out running for President from 1980. He had one aborted run and joined The Democratic Party. Joining the enemy is always a good Intel reconnoiter. He also worked at the forefront of visual media. Which he understood he would need in developing his Brand.

Having developed a Brand; he was approached by a ‘conservative’ consortium, to begin a run in 2015.

The damage had been established with the US as the end target for the final rounds of the century run efforts of Totalitarian Globalism.

The Usual Suspects emerging from the shadows of the 1913 (Dem Wilson) privately owned FED and IRS, and WWI. Through to the destruction of The Roaring Twenties, following the massive 1929 Market Frauds. Dem FDR causing the following decade of the Great Depression, by insane taxation and economic regulations destroying all attempts at recovery.

The US involvement in WWII having already been determined before FDR began lying about non-involvement as a campaign platform. Pearl Harbor, the essential trigger, caused by the blocking of sea lanes. And the jump to the European Theater to allegedly save those actually targeted by the US.

Dem Truman, following with the formation of the privately operated CIA, and the incessant wars, from Central and South America to The Middle East, to South East Asia.

FDR also looting the US of all public and private gold assets. A parallel was later manipulated in the UK by Totalitarian Brown and removed cohort Blair, in the looting of the privately-owned (1998) BoE assets.

Europe being captured by the same proven disastrous Totalitarian agenda unraveled towards its bankruptcy with BREXIT. The projected financial support was to come by continuing the looting of the US Economy began in the contemporary by Blythe and Soetoro. They needed the election of HRC in 2016. The last hoorah in 2020.

Trump was enhanced as his brand, and projected to front Nationalist Populism, as the opposition to the moralized and intellectualized, Utopian Socialism, disguised Totalitarian Globalism of The Usual Suspects.

A very close battle from 2015 against a developed Fifth Column. Including; Deep State, the Fourth Estate, the intellectually, morally, and ideologically captured, and the vengeful and resentful. Variously couched as; Progressive, Liberal, and Left-Leaning.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” Sir Walter Scott, 1808.


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