Breaking: ENTIRE Command Staff Quits

The entire command staff of the police department in Rochester, New York, resigned on Tuesday, including Police Chief La’Ron Singletary and the rest straight down the line. The top cops heading the department know when they aren’t wanted. The whole leadership team turned in their resignations late Tuesday, leaving the Mayor with no clue who was going to provide security for last night’s protests.

Entire command staff quits

According to reports, “after days of protests in Rochester over the killing of Daniel Prude,” Mayor Lovely Warren was forced to tell the public that the “entire Rochester police department command staff, including the chief of police, is resigning.” That little bombshell broke the city council meeting into an uproar. When one of the reporters quizzed the liberal Mayor about “who will be in charge during tonight’s protests?” The mayor simply admitted that she “doesn’t know.” Obviously, the mayor declared, “we would have to find an interim chief. Because I just got the call before this hearing, I don’t know.” Thankfully, the protesters didn’t burn the place down last night.

As evening approached, the department issued a press release explaining that “seven RPD leaders were resigning.” Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito is following the chief out the door, while “Deputy Chief Mark Simmons and Commander Henry Favor are remaining on the force but dropping back to their previous rank of lieutenant.” They don’t want anything to do with decision making in a city where the command authorities are second guessed at every turn by city officials. Not only that, “their move back to these positions provides them with what is called civil service protection, meaning they cannot be fired by the next chief.”

Let the social workers take over

When police can’t even do what needs to be done to protect the public from a man dusted into outer space on PCP, who had just “gone on a destructive tear,” which included “smashing out the windows of several storefronts, and ranting about having the coronavirus,” then they might as well hand in their badges and let the social workers take over. That’s exactly what the whole command staff decided to do.

The stunned council members are still trying to figure out what to do. City Council president Loretta Scott and Mayor Warren claim to be “working with community leaders to determine the next steps in selecting an interim and a new permanent chief.” They advise not to bug them about it though because it will take a few days to replace the command and control center experts. At least. Not many applicants will be flocking to a town that doesn’t want police protection.

Meanwhile, the police are still on the job even though nobody is taking responsibility for giving them any orders. “I want to assure the Rochester community that the Rochester Police Department will continue to serve and protect our residents and our neighborhoods,” the mayor promises even without a command staff. “While the timing and tenor of these resignations is difficult, we have faced tough times before. I truly believe that we will get through this.” The rioters are thrilled with the news. Shortly, Rochester may no longer need police because by the end of the week the city may be gone.