Trumpers vs Communists in Prescott, Arizona…

A bunch of ignorant, dysfunctional, enabled white people rabble-rousing about things they never have experienced nor know anything about.

There are a great number of people living in the quad-cities area, including Prescott, who will not put up with any serious disruption of the community or violence or property destruction by the Leftist rabble.

I cannot provide an actual percentage of the local population which is armed, who are unwilling to tolerate destructive nonsense, but I can say that very nearly every adult I know in the area is well armed and voices little tolerance of BLM and no tolerance of ANTIFA. They also dislike politicians, and particularly left-leaning politicians.

I will put money on it that any group which comes here and tries to make like Oregon, Washington, and California will meet with some very serious resistance from a large section of the public. It will not be the police such anarchists will have to be concerned about.


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