Watch CFP All Night — Live Democrat Riots Across USA…

Jen, if you’re drawing a distinction between peaceful protestors and rioters, the people who truly want peace should stay off the streets, leaving no one but the bad guys – the rioters. Then the police could zero in on the right people, arrest them, jail them, and presto – peace.

You should study history, you only have to go as far back as the the 1960s, when most protestors were truly peaceful. They were listened to far more than the uncivilized screaming looting vandals of today. Now they get no sympathy from anyone except others just like them. I don’t care what foul mouthed maniacs want. The more tantrums they throw, the less I (we) care about what they want. How’s that for truth?

By the way, what do you think of the lie “All whites are racists?”


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