Biden gives bizarre introduction to Jill…

He used the “…oh, hey, there’s my wife…” dodge to try to buy himself time to recall what the hell he was trying to make a point about.

Next few outings expect:

“So, let me be specific, if North Korea attempts to launch —- Wow, is it Thursday already, you know I used to look at Thursdays like the day before Friday which is the day before the weekend —- anyway, you folks have a nice day, see you next century.”

“And like others have said, a free people can’t, uh —- looking up, didn’t this ceiling used to be beige or is it called eggshell offwhite now, or should I rather say notblack? —- well call me a dog faced pony soldier, is it late already, I’ve got pet box cleaning duty back at the house this week, gotta go, ya’ll.”

“Some say I’m losing a bit of my edge, well answer me this, who else can recite the Pythagor, uh, python snake hearing, uh, pie in the oven is burning, I mean —- well, Donald Trump is a liar and a cheat —- Jill, did I LEAVE the house this morning wearing these bunny slippers?”


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