UNC Professor: ‘They Have Deputized All White People to Murder Us’

A University of North Carolina professor posted a tweet Sunday accusing Republicans of “deputiz[ing] all white people” to murder black Americans. After coming under scrutiny on social media for this outlandish and frightening falsehood, the professor mocked commenters and defended her statement. Her initial tweet has garnered nearly 8,000 likes. 

Tressie McMillan Cottom, an associate professor at UNC, expressed outrage after Sen. Ron Johnson expressed support for “citizen soldiers.” The tweet she responded to stated, “Sen. Ron Johnson just said he supports ‘citizen soldiers’ in Kenosha. Kyle Rittenhouse, who murdered 2 people, is a citizen soldier. #CNNSOTU.” In a reply, Cottom said, “They have deputized all white people to murder us.”

Cottom then doubled down on her stance, saying “oh the racists are big mad about this one, I see,” in reference to her earlier tweet.

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Cottoms describes herself on her website as supporting “radically progressive local candidates for public office, community bail funds, and removing memorials to oppressive racist fictions.”

Now, the professor is hinting at abandoning her Twitter account following the extensive backlash, saying, “Whew. This is gonna be a doozy. They’ve sent them body snatchers. Ah well, if this account disappears you’ll know that I took it as a sign from god.”

UNC has not yet commented on Cottoms’s statement. But the official university website speaks highly of Cottom, calling her “an award-winning author, professor, and sociologist” “whose work has earned national and international recognition for the urgency and depth of its incisive critical analysis of technology, higher education, class, race, and gender.”

The webpage also promotes Cottom’s Twitter account providing a direct link to it.


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