Watch Live — Ted Wheeler speaks…

Could not listen to it all!!! I need my computer in 1 piece.
When he got to the part about PROGRESSIVE cities standing together against the Hostile Federal government. !!!! Progress is BURNING THE MOTHERF%$#^R DOWN??? As the blm, Bumbs, Losers, Morons want??
Who does he think he is. Emperor of North America? Who died and left him in charge of it all!!!
I want to hear the oath of office he took when elected!!! Was this part of it?
Also would like to see him before a Federal Grand Jury justifying his words and inactions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WORTHLESS POS!!!!!!!!!!!!
If it wasn’t for Federal property I would say let em burn the whole F*&()^g State beginning with his house. Providing he was home at the time.
Gotta go find my blood pressure pills, its gettin to high

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