2020 Gun sales shatter records amid a year of riots & election unrest


More Americans decided to exercise their Second Amendment rights this year than ever before—following months of violent rioting, election unrest, and lockdowns.

A new report by Just the News spells out the sheer number of Americans who purchased guns this year.

The FBI reported the largest number of background checks conducted in its history and the “highest increase of checks year-over-year in over two decades.”

The FBI background check database National Instant Criminal Background Check System saw the busiest November in history with over 3.6 million checks conducted over the course of the month—a 40 percent increase from last November.

In the month of June, the FBI reported a total 3,931,607 checks, almost hitting 4 million for the first time ever.

The FBI has recorded 35,758,249 checks so far in 2020, a number that is already beating 2019 by 26%—which saw nearly 28,400,000 background checks.

“Gun sales have been high and steady this entire year, even during the [COVID-19] shutdown,” Peyton Galanti, spokeswoman for Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond, Va, told Just the News, claiming that the record sales have been driven by “first-time gun buyers” and “people who never thought they’d own a gun.”

It doesn’t look like gun control will be a popular political issue in the near future.

Read about all the broken records here.

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