10 unaccompanied minors per month cross into Canada at Roxham Road

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In LaColle, Quebec, most illegal migrant crossings have seen a fove-fold increase in the number of children seeking asylum alone in Canada, from 23 in 2020 to 115 in 2022. 

The 2022 numbers are similar to pre-pandemic counts; 112 unaccompanied minors crossed Roxham Road in 2019. 

Ten social workers are assigned to help the kids find foster families and enroll in school. 

One foster family detailed the journey of their foster migrant to La Presse:

The first youth received, a 17-year-old from the Middle East, had been “sent” by his extended family, who had contributed to pay for the $10,000 trip. The equivalent, said the youth, of 12 years of salary. 

After flying to Mexico, the youth crossed the Rio Grande on foot and was incarcerated in Texas. Once he was released, a bus dropped him off in Plattsburgh, followed by a taxi on Roxham Road. From the beginning, his destination was clear: Canada, via Roxham Road, which was known even in his small village in the Middle East. 

“He had zero American dreams. He just wanted to bring his family. He had a blonde there, he showed me his motorcycle, pictures… » 
The youth left his family after turning 18. He went to a home of someone he described as a family member in Toronto. 

But the foster father, “Jacques” told La Presse he did not think the Toronto “family member” was related at all.

New York City, a co-called asylum city for “undocumented migrants,” has begun buying bus tickets for those wishing to cross into Canada at Roxham Road.

The recent numbers obtained by La Presse indicate that the children crossing Roxham Road, where the vast majority of illegal border crossings occur in Canada, are often 12-17 years old but have been as young as 10.

Data indicates the kids are from all over the world: Afghanistan, Turkey, Angola, Venezuela, Mexico, Pakistan, Congo.

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