01/17/2022 China Insight

  1. January 17. At the 2022 World Economic Forum, CCP Chairman Xi Jinping preached how the CCP will lead the Chinese people to achieve “common prosperity.” In fact, the real life situation of ordinary people in mainland China is actually like this…
  2. On January 15, the CCP officially notified a confirmed case of Omicron in Haidian District, Beijing. Residents of any city with new confirmed COVID-19 cases will immediately be monitored and required to do overnight nucleic acid testing and be put under travel restriction.
  3. January 15, Tianjin. The chaotic pandemic prevention policy has made the common people’s lives very miserable, and all the common people who raised doubts will be quickly persecuted by the CCP government as a problem.
  4. The so-called administrative policy of epidemic prevention and control promulgated by the CCP government has become an existence that overrides the constitution. Those who disobey the administrative order and do not do nucleic acid testing on time will be arrested immediately.
  5. In Jinnan District, Tianjin, buses transporting the arrested people who had to be quarantined were parked all over the block, and other ordinary vehicles running normally could not be seen at all.
  6. In Tianjin, residents of a community were collectively pulled away like criminals for isolation. The residents could only laugh at themselves and say that they were going to another place for the Spring Festival.
  7. January 15, Shanghai. Pandemic prevention personnel always remind people not to take pictures. One of the main methods of the CCP’s prevention and control of the pandemic is to cover up the truth from the world.
  8. Regional governments around the communist China are enforcing the law in chaotic manners. Regardless of whether there is a real risk of transmission, returnees from low-risk areas and non-risk areas are sometimes quarantined for 14 days.
  9. People who have been locked inside their homes for a long time are on the verge of collapse

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