JAG Names Hollywood Producer Arrested After Biden’s Banquet

JAG Names Hollywood Producer Arrested After Biden’s Banquet

The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has released the name of a Hollywood producer who was arrested after attending the criminal Biden regime’s banquet last Thursday evening. That person is Eli Roth, an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor whose name is synonymous with torture-porn: Roth is best known for directing the film Hostel, a ghoulish fright-fest in which attractive, scantily clad young women lure horny college boys to an industrial warehouse owned by a secret society. There, the boys are imprisoned and bid on by wealthy, sadistic elites, who in turn mutilate their victims in the most disgusting and grotesque ways imaginable. Roth has 43 producer credits, per IMDB, and he also played the role of Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino’s war film Inglorious Basterds. Additionally, Roth co-produced the movie 2001 Maniacs, but wasn’t invited back for the sequel after openly showing contempt for the South and for gay filmmaker Tim Sullivan.

Eli Roth practiced in real life what he produced on film, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

According to a military arrest warrant reviewed by RRN, Roth’s snuff flicks weren’t entirely fictional. The document alleges that Roth sought to make his films as realistic as possible; Before principal filming began on Hostel, Cabin Fever, and The Green Inferno, Roth rented property in Bilisht, Albania, and used his underworld connections to hire members of the Albanian mafia to torture and murder people in ways that would eventually appear in the films.

The victims, though, were American citizens, primarily homeless persons Roth’s people had plucked from the streets of Los Angeles. Told they’d be starring in a film and receiving cash, the victims, many of whom reportedly had mental handicaps, were flown to Albania, tortured to within an inch of their lives, and dismembered, exsanguinated, and decapitated.

Although no actual murders appeared in Roth’s films, JAG said it has obtained audio and video of Roth admitting he personally orchestrated and supervised the demise of 16 men and women in Albania. One was a 14-year-old female runaway, by Roth’s admission.

“We have a lot, and info that Roth is deep with other elites doing the same evil. This twisted fuck was bent on killing Americans because it was Americans who’d be tortured in the movies. His arrest will lead to others,” our JAG source said. “Hollywood’s influence has let a lot of these demented actors go unpunished by the criminal justice system. The military justice system isn’t as kind.”

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16-Year-Old Colorado Boy Charged with Attempted Murder of 7 Police Officers

16-Year-Old Colorado Boy Charged with Attempted Murder of 7 Police Officers

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AURORA, Colo. — Aurora police officers, following a stolen vehicle, were involved in a shooting Wednesday, Nov. 30.

The incident began when officers began following a stolen white Kia sedan. About 9:45 p.m., the Kia pulled into a shopping center parking lot at East 6th Avenue and South Peoria Street, occupied by at least two suspects.

The Kia stopped in the parking lot, and one or more persons in the vehicle, unprovoked, began firing multiple rounds at two officers in an unmarked police car. These officers returned fire.

After this initial shooting, the suspects attempted to speed away from the scene, but were confronted by more officers responding to the initial shots fired call. The suspects fired multiple rounds at officers before driving out of the parking lot. A total of four police cars were struck by the suspects’ gunfire.

Shortly thereafter, officers located the suspect vehicle, crashed and unoccupied, at East 10th Avenue and South Lima Street. Officers set up a perimeter and began a search for additional suspects. A Reverse 911 was sent out to residents in the area to shelter in place.

A juvenile was found nearby in an open field and ultimately arrested on active warrants.

After several days of investigation, the Aurora Police Department on Saturday made an arrest. A 16-year-old juvenile male was arrested on seven charges of attempted murder of a peace officer and one charge of aggravated motor vehicle theft. Evidence on scene determined that the 16-year-old who was found early Thursday morning in the open field near the getaway car was involved in the incident.

The juvenile was already in custody on active failure-to-appear warrants. His name and booking photo are not being released at this time because he is a minor.

“We are relieved that we have this one suspect in custody, but there is at least one other out there,” Chief Oates said. “We need the public’s help. There is still a $10,000 reward for any information that will lead to the capture and conviction of the remaining suspect or suspects who tried to murder our officers.”


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WATCH: Man Hugs Police Officer Before Deadly Shootout In Arizona; Bodycam, Drone Footage Released

WATCH: Man Hugs Police Officer Before Deadly Shootout In Arizona; Bodycam, Drone Footage Released

Maricopa, Arizona — On August 29, 2022, around 10:30 a.m., Maricopa Police Department responded to a call of a noise disturbance at a residence in the 43900 block of West McCord Drive. The homeowner, identified as 38-year-old Brian Simmons, initially approach officers to shake their hands and give them a hug. He then returns to the driveway where officers observe him grabbing a gun. Simmons did not respond to their commands to drop the guns. Eventually, an officer fires a non-lethal round and appears to hit Simmons. At that point, Simmons retreated into the house and barricaded himself.

Moments later, Simmons comes around to a side yard from the back of the house and fires one shotgun round. No one is hit. Police respond with a flurry of gunfire, at least 22 shots fired. Maricopa Police called in the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and the SWAT Team to help out. Eventually, drones are deployed and show Simmons on the ground. A flash-bang is fired and lands within feet of where Simmons lies at 1:15 p.m., SWAT Team members approached the residence and found Simmons dead in the yard. Several homes in the area were briefly evacuated, and Butterfield Elementary School went on lockdown, and then shelter-in-place.

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BC’s Supreme Court dismisses legal challenge against vaccine mandate, relitigating its constitutionality could be in the cards

BC’s Supreme Court dismisses legal challenge against vaccine mandate, relitigating its constitutionality could be in the cards

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The City of Quesnel controversially terminated the employment of some unvaccinated workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, citing their vaccination status as cause for dismissal.

The plaintiffs filed a legal challenge against the city and province with the B.C. Supreme Court, seeking aggravated and punitive damages under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Their counsel told Justice Nathan Smith that vaccines are neither necessary, safe, nor effective, arguing that Quesnel’s mandatory vaccination policy infringed on their bodily integrity.

Smith also heard from the city, which asked the court to rule on jurisdiction. “I was told their union has filed a series of grievances, and the first arbitration hearing was scheduled to take place before these reasons could be issued,” he said.

The defendant’s counsel claimed a grievance arbitration board had exclusive jurisdiction to dismiss its employees as members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, per the Labour Relations Code.

The plaintiffs’ counsel counter-argued that the mandate dealt with broader issues of “social or collective good” beyond the context of their employment.

The City of Quesnel said the merit of the plaintiff’s allegations against them and that the policy issues they raised should bear no weight in the verdict reached. Smith ultimately ruled in favour of the defendants, as there are “few aspects of a collective agreement as fundamental” as cause for dismissal. The judge also noted that the plaintiffs brought the suit in their capacities as former city workers and did not represent anyone else in a certified class action beyond their employment.

However, Smith didn’t rule on the constitutionality of the municipality’s mandate. “The plaintiffs may correct some or all of the issues they seek to raise the need to be litigated, but it’s still necessary that issues come before the court in an action properly framed to raise them,” he said before dismissing the claim with costs.

Smith ruled that the plaintiffs must relitigate the mandate’s constitutionality in a different proceeding. “There is probably a cause of action and form of proceeding that would allow them to do so, but an action in which they claim damages arising out of their loss of employment with the city is not one that properly raises those issues.”

The city revoked its vaccination mandate for city employees, volunteers, and contractors on Thursday — a policy that came into effect in 2021.

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‘Gunfight’ in Corpus Christi, Texas leaves police officer, suspect shot

‘Gunfight’ in Corpus Christi, Texas leaves police officer, suspect shot

TEXAS – At approximately 3:07 p.m. on Saturday, December 3, 2022, officers were assisting a Nueces County Sheriff’s Office Unit who requested back-up assistance, noting that he was following a stolen vehicle in the area of SPID at Staples. Updates provided that the vehicle proceeded on to HWY 358, traveling eastbound.

Updates from NCSO Unit provided that the suspect vehicle took the Rodd Field exit, taking the turn around and was now driving westbound on SPID. A short time later, the NCSO Unit advised that the suspect crashed the vehicle on the 6100 block of SPID, advising that three suspects fled from the vehicle.

At that point Corpus Christi Police Department officers were arriving in the area and officers engaged in the foot pursuit.

One officer was shot by one of the suspects, the officer did return fire striking the suspect.

A 19-year-old suspect barricaded himself in a local business, officers were able to take him into custody after a short time.

A 16-year-old suspect was taken into custody by a NCSO Deputy.

There are no additional suspects. The vehicle did return as stolen and at least one handgun was recovered from the offender.

Both officer and suspect are being treated at local hospitals for their injuries. The officer did sustain serious injuries but is expected to recover.

The Corpus Christi Police Officers who were involved will be placed on paid administrative leave, in accordance with current department practice and policy.


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Vaxxed Pilot Croaks During Takeoff

Vaxxed Pilot Croaks During Takeoff

Envoy Air flight 3556, an Embracer E175 operated on behalf of American Eagle, experienced an inflight emergency seconds after departing Chicago-O’Hare International Airport for Columbus, Ohio. The pilot-in-command, Patrick Ford, was speaking coherently and clearly to ATC when his voice abruptly ceased. A few minutes later, co-pilot Brandon Hendrickson informed ATC he had control of the aircraft and that Ford had fallen unconscious at the controls, and announced his intent to return to the airport immediately. The flight landed safely, but Ford was dead; Hendrickson and an off-duty American Airlines pilot pulled Ford from his harness as paramedics boarded the flight and desperately fought to save his life. It was later determined Ford suffered a fatal heart attack.

The above paragraph summarizes the official version of the incident.

However, a Real Raw News investigation on Ford’s untimely demise, aided by an FAA whistleblower, unsurprisingly revealed that Ford, who was 54 years old and in good health prior to his sudden death, had taken a Covid-19 booster shot two days before his final flight, a fact not mentioned on his death certificate or in his obituary.

Publicly available audio of the emergency is limited to communications between flight 3356 and ATC; absent is any discussion the pilot and the co-pilot might have had when Ford realized he was in trouble. During takeoff and landing, flight crews typically maintain a sterile cockpit, meaning banter is forbidden so pilots can focus exclusively on their workload. Most aircraft accidents happen during takeoff and landing.

In the case of flight 3556, though, Ford had told Hendrickson he was feeling “lightheaded and dizzy” shortly after Hendrickson raised the landing gear, according to an FAA insider who claims that Envoy/American Eagle and the FAA reviewed the cockpit voice recorder, which preserves the recent history of the sounds in the cockpit, including the conversation of the pilots.

“The sequence of events went quickly. Captain Ford informed Captain Hendrickson he felt distressed, dizzy, then seemed to change his mind, saying something to the effect of ‘Never mind, I’m ok.’ Hendrickson then asks if he’s sick, noting he looks a bit pale. Captain Ford says he got a Covid-19 vaccination a few days ago and is probably having a mild reaction. Ford is then heard talking to ATC and slumps forward in his chair and dies,” our source explained.

The federal government, he added, has applied enormous pressure on the aviation industry, including the FAA and NTSB, to avoid putting the word “vaccine” on incident reports.

“If a report with the word Covid-19 or vaccine crosses our desks, the report is amended to omit those words,” he said. “It’s obvious the government doesn’t want its vaccine maligned.”

The FAA and NTSB have buried hundreds of reports in which the clot shot may have been a contributing cause in incidents, he said. The number of pilot fatalities and illnesses have increased exponentially since the inception of vaccine mandates.

As stated in our last article on this topic, Real Raw News cannot prove causality. Nonetheless, one would have to be myopic to miss the correlation. And if vaccines were truly clinically safe and effective, why would the government engage in subterfuge?

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Liberty is a conservative value

Liberty is a conservative value

Recently-elected Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has repeatedly demonstrated a deep understanding of conservative values. By way of example, in January 2021 Meloni penned an opinion piece for the daily il Giornale in commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of the English philosopher and writer Sir Roger Scruton in which she declared that it would be her intention to promote his figure as one of the pillars of European conservatism. Among other things, Scruton was instrumental in forming underground networks of dissident academics in the old eastern Bloc, including Vàclav Havel.

In the piece, Meloni wrote of his ‘extraordinary ability to describe and explain the profound reasons for his love of both the small and the big, that according to him are both worth conserving’. To this end, Meloni cited Scruton’s belief in ‘the protection of the traditions of small communities and the struggle for the highest social and political conquests, such as the liberty of people subjugated by the yoke of the Soviet Union, were of equal importance’. She took aim at the many European Union leaders and parliamentarians who rather than defend the liberty of their fellow citizens, pass innumerable laws and regulations that oppress them.

In other words, conservatives believe in individual liberty. History has proven that.

In America, let’s not forget it was the Republican Party that freed the slaves, and fought a civil war to ensure they stayed free. It was a Democrat President, Woodrow Wilson who, upon assuming office in 1913, mandated that the federal workforce be segregated by race, leading to the reduction of black civil service workers’ income, thereby increasing the significant income gap between black and white workers.

In this country, it was the Liberals that created the modern university system. It was the Liberals that brought an end to the White Australia Policy (created by the ALP and the unions), put forward the 1967 Referendum, and signed the ANZUS Treaty.

The conservative belief in liberty also extends to the belief in small government. As Dennis Prager wrote recently, the defining characteristic of the Left is bigger and therefore more powerful government. This extends to a critical aspect of liberty: free speech, which has never been a left-wing value. Everywhere the Left is dominant – government, media, universities – it stifles dissent. The reason is simple: no left-wing movement can survive an open exchange of ideas, therefore it suppresses it. Why else would China put on trial a 90-year-old cardinal, Joseph Zen, in Hong Kong for ‘endangering national security’ by supporting pro-democracy protesters?

Should any further evidence be required as to why liberty cannot be a left-wing value, witness how the Left conveniently ignores events in Iran, where mullahs are beating to death quietly defiant young women.

Sir Robert Menzies understood better than most the centrality of liberty in conservative values. He knew that the more liberty individuals have, the less power the government has.

The Liberal Party today would do well to recall the following words of Menzies’ Forgotten People speech of May 22, 1942:

We say that the greatest element in a strong people is a fierce independence of spirit. This is the only real freedom, and it has as its corollary a brave acceptance of unclouded individual responsibility. The moment a man seeks moral and intellectual refuge in the emotions of a crowd, he ceases to be a human being and becomes a cipher.

To discourage ambition, to envy success, to have achieved superiority, to distrust independent thought, to sneer at and impute false motives to public service – these are the maladies of modern democracy, and of Australian democracy in particular.

How relevant those words are today! Elected politicians, public servants, and the corporate managerial class, thanks to, as Chilton Williamson Jr highlights, their economic incompetence, historical illiteracy, cultural confusion, and ideological delusions, have shirked their proper responsibilities and decided ‘for the common good’ to stake out a regulatory claim by meddling needlessly in every nook and cranny of, thus wreaking division and stifling individual thought. As this country’s 28th Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, stated so presciently in his maiden speech to Parliament in 1994:

In the quest to solve social problems, government reaches into our schools, our workplaces, and even our bedrooms. Government tells us what we should think, whom we should like and how we should feel […] (which is) guaranteed to tear Australians apart rather than bring us together.

Former Prime Minister John Howard in A Sense of Balance wrote that the philosophical base of the Liberal Party means valuing the individual ahead of the collective, embracing free enterprise, and supporting freedom of speech, worship, and association. Howard goes on to observe that timidity on these issues by the Liberal Party alienated many of its traditional supporters, who found ‘somewhere else to go’, thus aiding in the defeat of the Morrison government in May.

In the words of Hamlet, ‘Aye, there’s the rub!’ There are many who would argue that the demise of Liz Truss as UK Prime Minister means that conservatives need to learn to live with big government and try to make it work a bit better.

That view seemingly ignores the point Howard made: that when conservatives abandon their values, the voters will abandon them.

The fact is that Liz Truss’s departure from Number 10 is a symptom, not a cause, of what is wrong with centre-right politics across the Anglosphere.

In Britain, the Conservative party long ago decided it didn’t want to be a conservative, centre-right party.

Truss’s predecessor, Boris Johnson, other than on Brexit, governed as a left-of-centre, zeitgeist-observing Labour leader might.

The two Conservative leaders before Johnson, Theresa May, and David Cameron, had accepted all of Labour’s social agenda, with Cameron’s only conservative feature being an attempt to control spending and bring the budget into balance, plus some modest tax cutting.

Now, under a Conservative government, Britain’s tax take is the highest since the sixties, soon to become the highest since the fifties.

We have been here before. Advocates for economic freedom are back where they were in the seventies as policy dissidents. Yet, they won the argument then and they can win it again. To do requires conviction.

Nick Cater stated recently that the Coalition cannot assume that the votes it lost to minor parties and independents on the centre-right will automatically come back. The bulk of the 660,000 Coalition votes that disappeared between 2019 and May this year were lost in suburban and regional Australia – the new ‘forgotten people’.

As Greg Sheridan wrote in the Australian, ‘To win in politics, you have to be willing to lose everything. You have to believe in the nation, care about the culture, believe in your own values.’ This is the reason why Howard won four elections, and in two elections Tony Abbott won 25 seats from the ALP. They believed in: lower taxes, smaller government, respect for the individual, the family as the greatest stabilising force in our society, national sovereignty, and the rule of law.

The sooner the Liberals remember that liberty is a conservative value, the sooner they might taste electoral success.

Dr Rocco Loiacono is a legal academic, writer and translator

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Blanchet supports Alberta’s Sovereignty Act as long as oil isn’t part of the equation

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“It might be a good idea,” said Blanchet. “Alberta should call a referendum for its people, and if they vote yes, that’s the end to it,” he told reporters.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith introduced the Sovereignty Act to the Alberta legislature on Tuesday, giving her cabinet the power to identify federal legislation deemed ‘unconstitutional’ or ‘harmful’ to the province and present a motion to the Legislature. It isn’t a precursor to separation.

Should the bill pass, the province would “stand up to federal government overreach and interference” in areas of provincial jurisdiction on a case by case basis, including property rights, energy, natural resources, health and education.

“It’s a very popular sport in Ottawa to challenge provincial laws in courts,” said Blanchet. “Anybody who feels they are a [sovereign] people are entitled to self-determination.”

According to the government backgrounder, “the constitutionality of each [motion] brought under the act must be drafted carefully and reviewed case by case to ensure the resolutions are constitutionally defensible.”

Smith assured that the government would meet all constitutional and legal requirements before challenging perceived federal overreach and would respect court decisions if a response is contested successfully.

Blanchet also cautioned Alberta against defining itself as a petro-state, adding, “I hope oil is not the definition.” According to him, it should centre on provincial territory, values and language. “We know that Quebec does go with … those parameters, but I’m not sure Alberta does.”

Should Alberta try to establish its sovereignty, the Bloc leader warned against doing so with one foot out the door, arguing it would face a legal challenge from the Supreme Court of Canada.

Smith told the Calgary Eyeopener that relitigating Canada’s Supreme Court ruling on the federal carbon tax could be in the cards upon receiving new information, according to legal advice she received. In March of 2021, the Supreme Court upheld the federal carbon tax in a 6-3 decision despite legal challenges from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

“We have new information. We have a war in Ukraine. We have a global world increase in prices. We have global instability. We have an affordability crisis.”

Smith said a potential relitigation of the federal carbon tax is one way to address concerns about her province’s rising cost of living caused by the out-of-control pandemic spending.

However, Blanchet does not think Alberta is trying to declare independence. “[Instead, they are trying to show] they have big arms.”

“The prime minister of Canada likes to show that he has big arms. Maybe he does not either,” he said.

Premier Smith made it clear she believes she has nothing to apologize for defending Albertans against federal actions harmful to her province. “My loyalty is to Albertans — a proud and free people who are not mere subjects of politicians in Ottawa.”

Ultimately, the Bloc leader digressed, adding he would be “a bit jealous” if Smith succeeded in separating Alberta from Canada. Smith clarified that separation is not in the cards for her government.

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